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Will an SAT score of 1040 (old SAT) get me into an ivy league school?

I have an EXCELLENT resume. I did the old SAT once and i got a 1040 combined on it. I am currently a sohpomore in a good College (ranked 81th in USA) and i applying to transfer to Cornell for fall 07. do you think it is possible for me to get accepted even due to the fact my SAT score is not too good. My current g.p.a is 3.82 (if that helps)

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    A good baseline SAT for an Ivy League school is 1400 (old score). With only one year of college behind you, it is my feeling that your score will still haunt you---especially for top-ranked schools.

    Quite honestly, Ivies may not see a 3.82 in your freshman year at an 81st-ranked school as that impressive (although it is, but Ivies have VERY high expectations)---it certainly helps you though, and if you're lucky they may just overlook your SAT.

    It's not impossible, nor will your SAT haunt you forever, so don't give up your aspirations. You might consider taking the SAT again.

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    Old Sat Scores

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    Hi Tiara, According to Michele Hernandez, an ex-admissions officer from Dartmouth, students who want to attend Ivy League Schools should aim for a 2250 on the SAT Reasoning Test. The SAT Subject Tests are probably even more important. Good luck!

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    When you say you're a sophomore, do you mean you're just starting your second year or that you're mid way through it? If you've only got 2 semesters under your belt, with most of those classes being general education/non-major classes, your GPA probably won't help out that much. Even with 3 semesters, it's going to be important for you to have taken some non-fluff classes.

    If you've taken a few of the meat-and-potato classes in your major, they may place less importance on your SAT.

    Regardless, you won't know until you hear from them. There are a lot of factors that go into their decisions, possibly even the majority of which are unrelated to your GPA or SAT scores, and it's unlikely that anybody here can do anything better than wildly speculate.

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    no probably not. i got a 1080 i believe and got into the university of texas...which is pretty highly ranked.

    u can give it a shot. ivy leagues look for a lot of community service hours and such. u need to do atleast 100 hrs for them to be a little impressed.

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    if you were in highschool then most likely not. since you are in college, however, they may not weigh the SAT score so highly. you never know. If they do count the SAT score then prehaps consider taking it again. I don't think yours will cut it.

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    I dont think that your SAT score will matter much now that you have a college GPA. They will look at the GPA you have now.

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    I think it could be possible but unfortunatly very very unlikely. Your other credentials would have to be incredible, and they might be, so give it a shot - good luck!

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