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How does El NINO impact Arizona weather?

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    It depends on where the pool of warm water is in the Pacific Ocean. This particular year, the warm water has been in the eastern Pacific (off the coast of Peru). This leads to a trough (dip in the jet stream or upper level low pressure system) in the western United States. A trough generally brings colder weather and clouds, rain or snow (depending on where you are in Arizona). So, the northern mountains in locations such as Flagstaff can generally get more snow. Meanwhile, the southern locations generally will not get rain unless the moisture creeps far enough south. However, the weather will be cooler than normal.

    However, if the El Nino shifts towards the central Pacific, this could bring a ridge to the west. A ridge is a rise in the jet stream or an upper-level high pressure system. A ridge generally brings warmer weather - the type of weather that the Eastern United States is currently experiencing.

    I hope this helps!

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    Generally it makes it hotter, and it makes monsoon season worse (or better depending on how much you like storms).

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    i would think that it would impact the whole country not sure how it would effect it

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    what the weather be in buffalo ny

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