does he love me ?

he sits near me he always talk to me

有一次我 cry , 佢好緊張 and不停地 ask me 點解 cry

at christmas , 佢ヌ主動 ask me 交喚 禮物 ( only ask me )

have lunch , 佢 know i want to eat orange , 特登 用手middle 佢自己個 orange 俾 i eat

does he love me ??? does he 媾緊我 ???

( his friend loves me , everyone know )

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    1 decade ago
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    U should ask him directly why he treats u so nice? Isn't he aftaid his friend will get angry with him if his friend sees how nice he treats u? He may answer u : Yes, he is. Or, he may answer u he treats u so nice because his friend asks him to take care of u. U need to prepare what your reaction will be then for either answer.

    And, ask yoursefl too - which one u like, him or his friend?

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    he loveyou

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    都算媾緊,睇定d, 等佢表白先算

    仲有, 鍾意fancy同愛love係唔同.



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  • 可能掛,睇個款都似啦,或者你叫他照直講,抑或你直接問他都得格!

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    yes,,,,, he loves you=]]]

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