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help me!!感恩~~

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    The humanity depends on the heart abundantly to move, likes the motor

    the pump to be same, causes a blood 液流 whole body, needs the

    nutrition by the supplies, and carries off in vivo the waste, is

    maintains the life the important organ.

    The heart looks like very strongly, because it has the blood ships to

    each organ power, but in fact, the heart is very frail, it possibly

    because some young conditions receives the injury, caused the people

    to lose the life in the flash.

    Each kind of animal all has the heart, the size is dissimilar, the

    frequency which beats is also different, likes this article to say:

    The volume bigger animal palpitation can also have to be slower than

    the volume small animal, after this is I reads this article only then

    to know.

    The different physiological condition, the heart beats the frequency

    is also different. For example: Just completed the intense movement,

    the heart can jump quite is quick; When we are sleeping, the rest, the

    palpitation also changed quite is slow. Ha! The heart really is a

    mysterious organ Arab League! Also remembered the childhood, I first

    time listened to own palpitation; First time felt the blood flows in

    the body, too was mysterious. My also thought really has the thing

    跳來跳去 in mine body! The feeling is very marvelous!

    Therefore when we also can hear the oneself palpitation sound should

    have to treasure us to have well to cherish our heart, dances, slowly

    runs, swims … … . All may cause our heart to be

    stronger oh! Walks! We go to the movement together, lets the heart be



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  • 1 decade ago

    The mankind moves richly by the heart, just like pump of the motor, make the blood flow through whole body, in order to supply the nutrition needed, and the good-for-nothing who it is internal to take away, is the important organ which maintains the life.

    The heart seems very strong, because it has motive force of transporting to the blood each organ , but in fact, the heart is very fragile, perhaps it, because some small states are injured, make people lose the life in a flash.

    Each kind of animal has hearts, the size is different, the frequency of beating is different too, just as this article was said: The volume will be slower than the small animal than big animal heartbeat , this is that I just know after finishing reading this article.

    Different physiological states, the frequency that the heart beats is different too. For example: Finish fierce sport just, heart will jump faster; As we are sleeping, having a rest, what the heartbeat changes too is slower. Oh! The heart is really a profound organ A!

    Still remembered it as a child, I listen to one's own heartbeat for the first time; Feel for the first time that the blood flows in the body , too magical . I still think for a time that really there are things that jump in my body! Feel very wonderful!

    So should treasure the heart that we want to cherish us carefully when we still can hear one's own heartbeat sound, dance , jog , swim …….. Can make our heart well stronger !

    Leave! Sport that we go togethers, let the heart be more strong!

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