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英文期末報告翻譯 (請部要用翻譯軟體)



7.2.Practical limitations

While the research .findings reported here are encouraging, there are a number of limitations that deserve further elaborations [18 ]. Firstly, it is evident that observations made about a collection of three yards here cannot be readily generalized to a large freight transportation system consisting of hundreds of origin and destination points without substantial additional work.

Secondly, engines are occasionally exchanged among rail carriers as trains reach the limits of one and continue on another's trackage.

Another concern is that the hotel lodging and taxi expenses used in the model might not be very accurate since the numbers are only estimated a averages. Other miscellaneous costs will apply if crew members stay in a hotel for more than 12 h. At that time they may be eligible for meal payments or “held-away-from-home ”pay.

It is also possible that no train is available for the crew to work back before the 12-h limit is up. Under such circumstances ,Conrail may opt to return the crew home in a cab at an additional cost, which is not considered here.

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    其它雜項費用將申請如果成員停留在一個旅館裡為超過12 h 。那時他們也許是有資袼膳食付款或"舉行從家" 薪水。

    它是還可能的, 火車不有時間為乘員組工作支持在12-h 極限上升之前。在這些情況下, Conrail 也許選擇返回乘員組在家在小室在另外的費用, 不被考慮得這裡。


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