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Should I get a iPod Shuffle {the newer one} or a iPod Nano 1st generation?

I have a choice between an iPod Nano (2nd generation) or the new iPod Shuffle. Which one should I choose?

- The Apple iPOD Shuffle will cost me >>> $84.53

- The Apple iPOD Nano [2nd generation] will cost me >>> $95.23

What are the pros & consof each product?

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    The second generation iPod nano line gets a brighter screen, software updates, new headphones, new packaging, and most noticeably, an entirely new enclosure made of anodized aluminum. The new case also marked the return of colors besides black and white—essentially turning the 2G nano into a smaller, flash-based, color-screened iPod mini. The main benefit here are more space for your music and the ability to control the play list and order in which your songs plays which is something you cant do with an ipod shuffle so you are getting all these 2 main advantages with the nano for only $10.70 extra I think is worth it. To get full albums and good music for your ipod go to or you can read reviews of the top 5 ipod download sites at

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    You should get an Ipod Nano. Do not get a Zune because they have a very bad quality. My friend bought one a month ago and it doesn't work anymore, and it wasn't his fault. Remember that you can't compare an Apple to an Microsoft, Apple is much better. Now getting back to the main subject, you should buy a nano instead of a shuffle because of this.

    Ipod Nano:


    You have a backlight screen

    More battery life

    More stylish

    It has games

    You can put the album artworks of your music in it

    Very small size also

    Bigger capacity

    You can put your pics on it

    You can store your contacts on it

    You can make playlists for it

    It has more quality

    Ther is only a $10 difference


    It is a little bigger



    It weights less

    It a little smaller


    It doesn't have a screen

    Less battery life

    It can brake more easily

    Less Capacity

    Few or no updates

    Not stylish

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    Get an ipod nano. Yeah it costs more but at least you have a screen to see what music is playing. Besides the nano comes with the option of shuffling songs anyway.

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    I think the shuffle's battery lasts longer since you don't waste energy because of the few buttons it has. But it might take a while getting used to since you'd have to search through your playlist if you want to listen to a specific song, since it lacks a screen. But I think it also depends on how many songs you have. A shuffle can only hold 240 songs while a nano can hold from 240-2000 songs, depending on which version you get.

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    Go with the nano - and here's why:



    1. There is no screen

    2. There are only basic functions: stop, forward, play, rewind, and shuffle

    3. There are no advance controls

    4. You cannot play videos

    5. You can only get up to 1GB of capacity

    6. Size - you can easily lose/break the shuffle


    1. Cost

    2. Size

    3. Size



    1. Amount of songs

    2. Additional features built into the nano

    3. Larger capacity for storage


    1. delicate - could break

    2. Battery life - may be shortened compared to the shuffle, to account for the backlighting.

    It's ultimately up to you, but make this your best answer. Thanks!

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    its realy pretty much up to u, i personaly would go for a ipod 1st generation or 2nd cuz they are so easy to work with and so simple to use, and the shuffle, shuffles ur songs(self explanitory) u never have the same order. this setting can also be used on an to get to my point ipod no doubt about that.

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    I think the Nano is better because you can choose a color and everybody that I know that got a Shuffle lost it because it is so small.

  • the nano. the shuffle is just a waste of money. it has no screen and is so small it can be lost as soon as you put a freakin song on! i mean...come on! really. okay, its $79, but its not really worth it. find a nice nano and just get that. not that much different. its small too, but at least it won't get like lost up your **** or something. plus it has a screen and holds about the same or more songs. that's always a plus!

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    go with the nano... it holds more songs, u get to pick colors and it has a screen unlike the shuffle

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    ipod nano

    pro's - it has a screen so u can actually see what song ur listening has games..u can make playlists..more songs..u can pick different colors.

    con's- it's bigger than a shuffle..{{but it's still smal}}

    it's only a lil bit more expensive..if i were in ur shoes..i wouldnt think twice about just getting the nano

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