Are they going to make a Captain America movie or Green Lantern movie.?

The Spider man movies both suck.

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    Oh, I hope so! I’d love to see a GL movie, and Cap wouldn’t be bad at all, either! With all the new technology, holograms and special effects, they can finally do real justice to Green Lantern. And it would be so cool to see a Captain America movie, done in period style, like a black and white war newsreel. They would have to downplay the super soldier serum, of course, because they want to get away from kids thinking they can become super powered by substance abuse. But maybe they would make him genetically enhanced, so that a future era of kids would think that if they messed with their own genes with their home gene splicing kits, they could give themselves super powers, and the next generation would have to correct that error.

    I didn’t think the Spider Man movies were that bad, but I do like GL and Cap!

    In fact, I just had a real great idea for Captain America! They could make him a man ahead of his time, make him all multicultural and unsure of whether America is worth defending, because after all it’s just ‘one out of many’ (that is, the opposite of ‘e pluribus unum’) nations in the world. But after Pearl Harbor, he had a change of heart and becomes a conservative and sees that not only is America the best county in the world, it’s worth fighting to protect and preserve.

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    Yes, with the recent popularity of comic book based movies both Captain America and Green lantern are in the works as well as a score of others including Iron Man and another Hulk film. For complete information go to

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    Captain America

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    Don't know about Green Lantern, but they've made several Captain America films (last one at the start of the 90's), and supposedly a new one will be out in about two years.

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