how to deactivate my spyware?

its a google homepage has taken over. x.x

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Simple. Go online, find Spybot Search and Destroy, download, install, update, then run check.

    And I would suggest switching to Firefox, it is generally safer than IE.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well first off - I don't think google is responsible for it. Wikipedia spyware and phishing... There a "poser" websites saying that they may be from google but totally loaded with spyware, and not from google at all - unfortunately - the net is not so safe.

    Before going to the link below - empty you IE or Firefox cache.

    Eg. in IE - Tools>Internet Options > In the "General Tab" Press "Delete..." Browsing History

    in Firefox - Tools > Clear Private Data - delete everything

    If you can - go to and run their "Housecall" or "Free Online Scan" - here:

    This'll take an hour or so. The application will scan your computer for bad cookies/trackers/spyware. So be patient.

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