Does Arnold Schwarzenegger have children.?

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    father Gustav Schwarzenegger: former member of the Nazi Party

    mother Aurelia Schwarzenegger: died at age 76 on August 2, 1998; collapsed while visiting her husband's grave

    daughter Katherine Eunice Schwarzenegger: born on December 13, 1989; mother Maria Shriver

    daughter Christina Maria Aurelia Schwarzenegger: born on July 23, 1991; mother Maria Shriver

    son Patrick Schwarzenegger: born on September 18, 1993; mother Maria Shriver

    son Christopher Sargent Shriver Schwarzenegger: born on September 27, 1997; mother Maria Shriver

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    He has four children: daughters Katherine (born December 13, 1989) and Christina (b. July 23, 1991), and sons Patrick (b. September 18, 1993) and Christopher (b. September 27, 1997).

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    I think he has 4 children??

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    Yes but I am not sure how many.

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    wow this question is random.

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