what do you know about - my country - kingdom of saudi arabia?

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    I know that Saudi Arabia is a growing country taking major steps in development and improving much better than before. Based on politics, I have noticed through my reading that Saudi Arabia is having a real moderate view when it comes to -Extremist publicity-. I admire what the Saudi Media is responding lately.

    Some people will say: it’s really nothing without the oil.

    But I would say: that was 20 years ago. But now – like any other country- Saudi people are working on technology, development and economic growth.

    All nations all around the world had time of being slow and late in some aspect, but they grow through it and became masters in some economic and technology.

    Same thing with Saudi Arabia. I hate to label Saudis as – their only advantage is the oil.

    I know many Saudis who are in universities achieving many important majors like engineering, IT, business administration, law, international affairs and more.

    Plus, in medical achievement, KSA is going through main changing.

    Just like any other country, Saudi Arabia is working hard on improving their country and they are.

    And I would like to add more from this article:

    (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    “”The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Arabic: المملكة العربية السعودية‎) is the largest country on the Peninsula. It is called "the land of the two holy mosques", a reference to Mecca and Medina, Islam's two holiest places. “”


    “”The government is attempting to promote growth in the private sector by privatizing industries such as power and telecom. Saudi Arabia announced plans to begin privatizing the electricity companies in 1999, which followed the ongoing privatization of the telecommunications company. Shortages of water and rapid population growth may constrain government efforts to increase self-sufficiency in agricultural products.

    In the 1990s, Saudi Arabia experienced a significant contraction of oil revenues combined with a high rate of population growth. Per capita income has fallen from $25,000 in 1980 to $8,000 in 2003, up from about $7,000 in 1999. The decline in inflation-adjusted per-capita income from 1980 to 1999 set a record, being by far the worst such decline suffered by any nation-state in history.””


    “”Saudi Arabia's nationwide public educational system comprises eight universities, more than 24,000 schools, and a large number of colleges and other educational and training institutions. Open to every citizen, the system provides students with free education, books and health services. Over 25 percent of the annual State budget is for education including vocational training. The Kingdom has also worked on scholarship programs to send students overseas, mainly to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Malaysia and other nations. Over the past couple of years, thousands of students have been sent to higher-educations programs each year.””


    & there is more information that worth reading

    PS: Micheal Jackson lived in Bahrain not Saudi Arabia.

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    That Saudi kills just about anyone who commits a crime and then hangs their body in a tree for everyone to see for a week. How awesome is that?! My husband's Saudi so he tells me all about it. I also know that the women there are idiots for wearing gloves in the desert, that 14 year old girls get married, that the desert people are dangerous, and that Riyadh is full of crazy people. Oh and that the mentality among Saudis is sheer stupidity.

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    Egypt, Jordon, Morocco, Bahrain

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    It was established by the British, who allowed the Saud family to consolidate power and establish the throne. The British basically established the kingdoms of Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, the UAE, Bahrain, etc. Before the British controlled it, Arabia was under Ottoman control. Riyadh was designed and built by Bechtel. Saudi Arabia is the home of Muhammed, the prophet of the moon god Allah, with the shrine around the meteorite Kaaba, the same rock that was worshipped for hundreds of years before the prophet. Mecca and Medina, the two holiest cities of Sunni Islam are in SA.

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    Its my home(away from home :-P)

    I love it!

    I know it has some problems, but every country does.

    Its the most peaceful place ever. Most people are not materialistic like in many other countries.

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    for some people who just think about money and shallow things Saudi Arabia is nothing more than OIL :(

    and for others it's terrorist country with creepy people ( boo! ha ha D:)

    for me it's a peaceful Islamic country with great places like mecca and Medina and also places for fun & Entrtaiment like Jeddah, and Taif.

    i like this country! MY country.

    beauty lebanese mirna ; *LOL* no mirna we don't drive but also they don't cut our hands (wondring how did i wrote here)?

    Source(s): a muslim saudi girl
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    Approximately 55F in winter,120F during the day regularly, 80F at night. Heavy flooding during the winter, where it is normal for you to see 3 inches of water flooding the streets.

    Very rich country due to lots of oil... Need I say more there?

    Micheal Jackson resides there... I feel sorry for you.

    The diet consists of milk products from goats, sheep or camels. Dates, rice, lots of fruits and vegetables, and on special occasions, meat... mostly chicken or lamb.


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    I knew is that the women cant drive there?

    if she drive they will cut her hands!!

    is that right???

    i really want to know.

    and i know the city mecca and al madina almonawara

    and they're great citys...i really want to visit saudi arabia because i never went there....

    by the way i like your name ... yazeed ..great name...my cousin name's is yazeed..:)

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    Really nothing why don't you work on helping those of us who want to come there so we can come and check it out?

    mut shakira

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    i know that all the saudians have alot of money that make them careless towards what happen to their nation " palestine , iraq" i wish they wake and see what happen around them

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