Im a merchant mariner,do I have to pay state tax.?

I do not own property in any state.I spend 250 days per year on

the boats.I go somewhere different every time Im off the boats.

I have no permanent address.I get mail in arkansas & tennessee.

My company is in louisiana.

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    There are a number of states that have no state income tax and it would be to your advantage to become "domiciled in one of those. South Dakota and Texas are the two most commonly used for this purpose.

    To obtain a South Dakota address from a company called, you simply complete the Mail Forwarding Service Agreement, and PS Form 1583 found on their web-site. Their address becomes your new physical street address and qualifies for your South Dakota Vehicle Registrations, South Dakota drivers license, and voter


    For assistance with that you can contact their office at

    1-605-427-5863, 1-866-202-2163, or

    There are companies that do the same thing in Texas and several others in South Dakota this is just one that I got off the web with a search for "South Dakota as your domicile for tax purposes". Change the name of the state and you should be able to find Texas.

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    The sixteenth exchange says that taxes are to be paid through the firms and that it somewhat is voluntary for the voters SO ... we ought to continuously no longer pay taxes the two way. i haven't paid taxes consistent with se considering the fact that 1997 besides. One ought to make money is order to pay taxes. yet you're genuine, gay human beings have a stable beef. Peace

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