How does Open Source Software Business model work?

How do the developers get paid if nobody buys the software, just get it free, and that too with source code? I can understand it about amateur software developers. But I recently heard that Sun is coming out with Open Source Unix this year. How will they profit from this? If not, how will they survive?

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    There are lots of different business models for open source. Sometimes there is a free version and then a paid version such as sugarCRM. Other times, if the company is small, they may be able to survive on just donations. They might also have corporate sponsors that keep them in business. Other times, they offer the product for free and then just charge for support. Also if the product is open source, they don't have to pay as much for developers because the community will upgrade and patch their products for a lot cheaper.

    I don't know about SUN, but I think their operating system Sun Solaris is already available for free, not quite sure if they are open source though.

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    to place it only, whilst an application or application is open source it often stands to benefit little or no income. it incredibly is, companies who desire to make funds off of their centers in no way launch the source, as that would desire to jeopardize the integrity of their revenue. besides the shown fact that, open source projects could be changed or stepped forward with the aid of anybody, so the everyday differs from challenge to challenge. i circulate to evaluate Microsoft homestead windows to a wide-unfold open source Linux build. The Linux build is unfastened, and may well be stepped forward my any of the 1000's of folk who use it. With enter from fairly some, the form is very rapid. as a manner to compete, Microsoft might desire to launch a product that human beings think of is heavily greater beneficial than the unfastened Linux build. it incredibly is, the income might desire to be substantial sufficient that human beings are prepared to pay. If human beings are prepared to pay funds for Microsoft's product because of the fact the traits unique to homestead windows are worth determining to purchase, then Microsoft has succeeded. If human beings do not think of that some super advantages of homestead windows are very well worth the money and might fairly shop on with a unfastened Linux build, then Microsoft has failed. i'm hoping this facilitates to respond to your question.

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