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how to be an astronaut.

1.How to be an astronaut.

2.How long should yang li wei train to be an astronaut.

3.what can he do in space.



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    It is extremely difficult to be an astronaut. Most of astronauts are elite fighter pilots of the country, and the others are brilliant scientists with very good health. The best way to be an astronaut is entering air force to be a fighter pilots. Normally, you need at least a thousand flying hours in a jet-fighter as the entry requirement of the space travel training. these flying hours need 10 - 20 years to accumulate.

    Even you have dazzling flying hours and records, it is still not gurantee that you can be an astronaut. Testing pilots have highest oppotunities to be elected since they have many experiences to deal with the most complicated aircrafts. Almost all astronauts in early space travelling era were testing pilots, but nowadays this requirement is loosed, fighter pilots with many years experiences will be elected also.

    If you don't want to enter air force, then you must be a very good scientists or specialists with very demanded knowledge. Medical doctors, electronic engineers and mechanical engineers are often elected as astronauts since their knowledges are the must in space traveling. However, only US' space shuttles will allow these specialists with little or no flying experiences to travel in space. Of course, you may argue that there are space tourists, but these tourists are very rare (only 3 until now) and these flights are abnormal and dangerous, space tourism must not a routine and popular in near future.

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    3.he can see the moon in space!

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