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各位大大! 幫個忙吧! 謝謝!


that Dads " ! watch Let's new "DINKs and show , Moms vs .


population and of Urban areas kinds have problems . different rural


continent . is for everybody on important every really Education


their children How DINKs in None! family ? have do many


develop the need new We to environment . clean up ideas to


continent Improving on will to reduce every hunger . agriculture help

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    1. Let's watch that new show, "DINKs vs. Moms and Dads"!

    2. Urban population and rural areas have different kinds of problem.

    3. Education is really important for everybody on every continent.

    4. How many children do DINKs have in their family? None!

    5. We need to develop new ideas to clean up the environment.

    6. Improving on agriculture will help every continent to reduce hunger.

    希望有幫助到你囉! :")

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