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are there any diet/nutrition/breakfast/protein bars out there that are moderately low in calories AND low in both sugar and saturated fat and has a nbit of protein? or am i searching in vain?

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    optimum protein,low fat, low sugar, low carbohydrate,low salt nutrition-after each regular meal along with essential supplements per day,with one liter of water for every 44lbs would provide desired result, for gaining weight.

    for losing weight- replace two meals with the above said nutrition

    program and having one meal of your choice, plus water one liter for every 44lbs for desired results.anf

    for maintaining weight- have once the above mentioned nutrition program and two meals of your choice,plus water -one liter for every 44lbs of body weight.


    women 1"=800gms=1.76lbs standard weight

    now You can work out your possibilities

    Fat% Men 16% and women 26%

    Men 2000-2200 calories, women 1500-1800 calories(intake)

    Source(s): sparetime_success@hotmail.com
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    You can find some nutrition facts / articles here :


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    try bars on www.dreamlife.isagenix.com click on Cleanse - on left side you'll see list. Read down there are BARS - check if this is what you want. But boy!! They are sooooo tasty. I love them!!

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    special K

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