Who was with Elvis when his pink Cadillac burned up? Where was he? And did he ever live in Texarkana?

A girl I know claims her grandmother dated him and was with him when his car burned up. And says the car no longer exist but I know that it is in Graceland. She said her grandmother dated him before he was popular (19 or 20 years old) and was the only person he kept contact with as far as ex girlfriend. Could someone fill me in?


I never heard it burned but they both claim it did

Update 2:

She said its a replica in Graceland

Update 3:

She said he lived in a hotel in Texarkana and drove to Louisiana every weekend to so shows.

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    Elvis never did live in Texarkana, but he did have a '54 pink caddy that burned on his way to Texarkana (from Hope) in June of '55 when Elvis was still Considered Elvis and the Blue Moon Boys. The Blue Moon Boys were Scotty Moore, Bill Black and DJ Fontana. I highly doubt the pink caddy that burned was salvaged. The pink caddy you see in Graceland is a '55 caddy something he bought for his mother in '56 when he hit it big. There's even a story in about this in, I think, the Sincerely Elvis museum at Graceland. Here's an excerpt from the book "Elvis: Day By Day":


    05 Sunday

    Hope Fair Park, Hope, Arkansas

    After the show Elvis sets off for Texarkana with a girl from that town, while Scotty and Bill ride with other friends. About halfway to Texarkana, in Fulton, Arkansas, Elvis' pink--and--white Cadillac catches on fire and burns. Elvis' mother, Gladys, will always recall how she was awakened out of a sound sleep at home by the feeling that something was wrong. Others recall Elvis sitting by the side of the road, looking desolate as he watched his dreams go up in smoke. From Texarkana Scotty returns to Memphis to get the new pink--and--white Ford Crown Victoria that Elvis has recently purchased for his parents, while Elvis and Bill fly on to Texas.

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    Sorry but I never heard that the Cadillac burned. The rest only her grandma knows for sure.

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    He never lived in Texarkana. Your friend's grandma is telling lies.

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    how come we never heard about it,really i don't think so,only his buddy's would no.and the grand-mother say that she date ELVIS before he came popular then he didn't have the pink CADILLAC yet so yous should we believe.

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