doc plz tell me why? leukemia?

how did i get leukemia?

how long do i have kemo for?

when can i go back 2 school?

how did they know i had it?

iam 15 girl and i had it for 2 weeks and i dont want the kemo anymore

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    Honey you didnt do anything that caused you to get leukemia. It just happened and it is very lousy. You probably need several rounds of chemo and it stinks, just when you feel better you get zapped again, but remember this is what is going to make you healthy again. You might be able to go back to school between chemo rounds, if you white blood count is OK and you are not at risk for infections. Usually there are symptoms of leukemia that dont seem like much, feeling flu like, bruising, tired weak, your doctor probably did a blood test and it came back really abnormal and showed cells that are typical in leukemia. Maybe they did a bone marrow biopsy and verified the diagnosis. Leukemia is a cancer of the blood, and even tho the treatment is really lousy, it is very effective. When you go in for your next chemo, ask to talk to the social worker and she will get you more information, I know your parents are probably not talking much right now since they are also very worried, but let them know you need to know what is going on. You will do great, keep a positive attitude and get enough rest. God Bless

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    What kind of leukaemia do you have, treatment is different for each type. My daughter had AML she had 4 rounds of chemo over 5 months. The first 2 rounds were 10 days and the 2nd 2 rounds were 5 days. It knocked her blood counts out and she spent lots of time in hospital having antibiotics to prevent life threatening infections

    There is a risk of infections, so staying away from school is the best thing you can do, there will be plenty of time for school when your better.

    No one knows 100% how you get leukaemia, like most cancers no one really knows. As for the Dr's knowing you had it, they can get an idea from a simple blood test but you have to have the bone marrow biopsy to tell 100% and to also tell what kind you have.

    You have to have chemo, this is the only way to stop it spreading/multiplying, without it you wont get better. DO some research on the net for your type of leukaemia.

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    leukaemia can be hereditary,a series of tests had to be done by doctors ,kemo depends on how your body will react to the treatments,when your body reacts well to the kemo the doctor will let you know when you can go back to school. you are young,and your body should react just fine.i have allot of friends with this, most are doing well they were diagnosed about 30years ago and ther lives are very normal because of kemo

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    It might be a good idea for you or a parent to call your oncologist's office and ask them these questions. Chemo sucks, but there aren't many alternatives.

    You can contact doctors familar with leukemia at the first link below (during the day). Both links have lots of information and chat rooms where you can talk with other people with leukemia. It really helps to talk with someone who is a little farther along with the treatment - they can tell you what to expect.

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  • Becca
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    The chemo for leukemia is so hard, and it makes you feel awful. It's probably the hardest chemo regimen there is, or one of them.

    You are very brave. Keep being brave and finish your chemo. It will not be forever, and your hair will grow back. I know it seems like a long time, but you have your whole life in front of you. Doctors don't know why these things happen. All I know is you will be a stronger spirit for having endured all of this!

  • Anne
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    I honestly doubt you, so much. If, as you state, you are 15, your legal guardian would know about your illness (if you were in care, your social worker or care provider would probably know too), because until you are no longer a minor (18 in most US states, 16 in UK and several other EU countries), it's your parents or legal guardian who decides your medical treatment (unless you have medical emancipation). If you are 15, as you say you are, where are you "staying on your own"? If you were living alone, I'm fairly sure that social services would have been involved by now? Maybe even the police (if you'd been reported missing by someone). I'm also fairly sure you can not receive treatment as a minor unless your parents/legal guardian agree to it (I couldn't see a psychologist a few years ago unless my mum gave permission - I was 14). Your story is highly illogical in many parts. Surely you are old enough, at 15, to know that your legal guardian gets to make your medical decisions until you are 16. You are also old enough to know that if you are "staying on your own" you really shouldn't be. I mean...where are you "staying on your own"? If you mean you're staying in your bedroom, I apologise. But your story has great big holes in it.

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    Read "Beating Cancer with Nutrition" by Patrick Quillin.

    He will tell you how to keep your immune system strong

    while going through kemo and also what to take to help

    with the side effects.

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    I am surprised that your doctor has not explained what leukemia is, and why your onocolgist also has not provided you with the information?

    I am concerned that with the questions you are asking, you have some bad doctors. In addition, why haven't your parents gotten the information and explained it to you?

    My suggestion, is that your refer to your physicians for your particular circumstances, and or get different doctors.

  • Char
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    Honey, please hang in there. It's rotten now, but it's the best thing for the long run. I know it's no fun, but you must get rid of the disease now, so you can live a long, happy life without it.

    Here's a site with good info:

    Best wishes

    Source(s): Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Survivor
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