Have you used the PC Expansion Network with wireless added ?

I am new to networking but am trying to set up 4 home stations (2 adult - 2 kids). Have Netgear router and need ethernet bridges fir each, I think.

What is hyperthreading and how do I find out if my PC supports it? This is needed by PC Expapnsion Network. Good reviews on Tiger Direct. I think each 'station' needs the PCE and an ethernet bridge? Any advice (for beginners) would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I think you are a little off from what actually needs done. If you are setting up a wireless home network you only need one wireless Ethernet adapter for each computer and the wireless router. You already have the wireless router. Configure it to assign four DHCP addresses and you good to go.

    I'm not sure why you think you need bridges.

    In reference to hyperthreading, that's more related to the Intel Pentium 4 microprocessor. Sometimes computer resellers and manufactures will mention the word Hyperthreading in the description for the computer. You just have to search for the model number.

    If you want more info on HTT: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyper-threading

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    All you need is a wireless router and 4 wireless adapters.

    I personally like D-Link myself but netgear and linksys work fine also. Goto the below link and answer a few questions and the dlink network configurator will tell you what you need to setup a wireless network. I am not saying you should by the products they come up with, but it will give you an idea of what type of equipment you need.


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  • im somewhat fimiliar with the pcexpansion terminals and you cant use regular wireless usb adapters you need a bridge or a accesspoint if the terminals are in the same room use an access point and a switch it should work

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