Advanced Civilization before the Ice Age?

Do you think it is possible that humans possessed superior knowledge and had an advanced culture that was obliterated by an ice age (only for the surviors to pick up the pieces and start over again)???

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    Not exactly by the ice Ige, but by its end. Let's not forget that not the entire earth was under ice, but only Europe, so there was plenty of room for civilizations develop.

    Humans only have a short experience on this planet, as far as we know, but with so many cataclisms that have occured throughout history it is possible that we have a past of whose existence we are simply not aware.

    But not steping in the realm of fantasy and science fiction, we must agree that it is quite unlikely that such civilizations possessed a technology similar to ours (otherwise we could see the marks of pollution and so on and so forth). The level of such a civilization would be comparable to what we knew during the Illumination period, but without the same weapons that we possessed back then. It's a long story.

    At the end of the ice age the ice started to melt and there were great floods everywhere. This is a fact, because it appears in all major mythologies (Christian, Greek, Mesopotamian). Also, these mythologies point to the fact that some civilization was destroyed in the process, so this could have happened, too.

    All in all, we can all believe what we want, because history is really extremelly subjective and people always interpret its fact so as to suit their expectations of it. Personally, I prefer to believe that there was some great civilization that there is no more. Will this ever be a fact? I don't know.

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    Not only plausible but highly possible.

    Many believe that Atlantis had three great empires and the last one was destroyed a mere 12,000 years ago but the continent originated as far back as 600,000 years.

    There's no reason that intelligent, civilized life couldn't have been here that far back. Think of the civilizations that have risen, then fallen in just the last 2000 years.

    A highly developed and technological civilization could have easily picked up and left the planet when the environment became too hostile to sustain life here anymore...some even attribute alien visitors to being that civilization that was here...and they're returning to see how things look now.

    With the constant turmoil and shifting of tectonic plates, if the Pangaea theory holds correct, any traces of a pre-historic society could be quickly erased and forgotten.

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    Nope. Not a shred of evidence exists that would support that theory.

    Also - Atlantis was not a continent but the volcanic island of Santorini (Thera) near Crete that blew up and destroyed most of the island. Archeology has shown the Minoan culture to be very advanced for their times (they had indoor plumbing) and it's very plausible that they were the Atlantis that Plato wrote about many years later after hearing tales of it. The Minoans of Santorini's main trading partners were the Egyptians. The stories Plato heard and wrote about in his tales of Atlantis came from the Egyptians.

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    Well, what "superior knowledge" are you talking about?

    Metalurgy? Nope. There would evidence of tools and objects made by metal tools. Sorry.

    Cultures, superior and otherwise, use tools; have

    homes; make garbage; leave a trail of evidence.

    Stick with the mainstream of geology, anthropology, biology, sociology, etc. You'll find lots of fascinating facts about humankind to wonder about.

    The history of man may be complex

    but legends like Atlantis and "aliens who gave us technology" are pretty lame.

    Its one thing to imagine, its another to ignore the facts.

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    The rise and fall of civilizations; the universal rhytms of rise, flowering and decline of civilizations.... would probably not apply to the Ice Age :-)

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    A perennial favorite topic of fiction writers....

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    It's always possible but highly unlikely.

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