is french kissing in france just kissing?

i dont know why,but its a good q.

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    Hi there,

    Actually, as part of the Latin (as in Roman) world, we just as the Italian and Spanish like to express ourselves physically. And when we greet someone we know well, we like to say "hi" and "bye" along with a kiss (or two , or three even four depending on your region) on the cheeks.

    This is called "faire la bise" (give a kiss).

    Otherwise, when you kiss on the cheek someone you love like a child, it is "donner un baiser". (To give a kiss but since it is in different situations, it is said differently!)

    As for french kissing, I guess that this is very International and that EVERYONE being involved will french kiss his/her partner at one point or another during their relationship.

    Just so that you know, a french toast is called " pain perdu " (litt. "lost bread" as we used scrap of old dry bread dipped in egg/milk) and French Fries are called "les frites" (Litt, the fries).

    Everything named "french" something in other countries are named completely differently in ours. I was quite surprised to find out how many things were called French...

    Hope it helped.

    hopwe it helped.

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    In French, it really is basically embrasser avec l. a. langue (actually, to kiss with the tongue) or the slang version rouler une pelle (to roll a shovel), or "rouler un patin" (to roll a skate (as in ice-skate, or curler-skate)), or "pécho", which derives from "choper" ("to capture" in slang). French kissing does not inevitably stem from France. The time period French Kiss is talked about in deepest Lindner’s Letters: Censored and Uncensored of 1918:

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    Non, actuellement.

    - "donner un bise/bisou" literally means "to give a kiss"

    - "baiser" at once meant "to kiss", but in modern times, is much more vulgar

    - "embrasser" is the best term for "to kiss", but sometimes means hug, although that has a better term: "enlacer"

    French kissing, though, is "embrasser langoureusement": "to kiss with tongue".

    Loving in French is confusing, I know, but so is loving the French.

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    1 decade ago

    No, they call it something else that I can't remember.

    Also, French fries aren't from France, and neither is French toast.

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    1 decade ago

    Actually they call it English kissing.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm sure what 'making-out' is called varies from country to country lol.

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    actually, its called english lie...i read it in a trivia book...wierd huh?

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    no clue

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    1 decade ago

    i don't know

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