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endometriosis, finacial help?

have endo and it is severe cannot get help finacially anywhere. don't qualify for medicaid and unable to work. are there any programs to help pay for cost of surgery? i'm in so much pain i want to commit suicide. no matter what i do i can't escape the pain.


I have tried planned parenthood and womens clinics they say they can't help. i have been through all the treatments there are including laser surgery and i've been told i need a hysterectomy. i'm 27 and do not want kids. i'm tired of being in pain. but i can't find help.

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    Call local gyns and ask about sliding fee scales and payment plans for visits, procedures, exams, etc. You can also get low cost or no cost meds from the pharmaceutical companies if you want to undergo medical therapy for your Endo. TAP offers free Lupron, which is a horrific drug but if that's your only option, you should consider it; other companies offer free oral contraceptives to those on regimens for their Endo (which is a far better option than Lupron), and there are still others. You can work with your doc and apply to the whichever company's Needy Meds program you choose. You can also consider going into a clinical trial. Trials are free to the participant, often offer a small compensation, and give the enrollee access to free cutting edge meds and other treatments under investigation. Contact www.endocenter.org for info on a trial near you. Also, the specialty center at www.centerforendo.com offers free records review and consult, which will cost nothing to you but enable you to obtain expert opinions and advice on your case. Also check out http://www.patientadvocacy.org/ for more info on uninsured care and visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/erc for more input and ideas on this topic. Good luck.

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    I think you should try either a Planned Parenthood or Women's clinic where you live. Either one of those places should be able to help you find someone that could help you if they can't. And if you belong to a church you might talk to them about some help. I know how you feel. I have been dealing w/ Endo since high school, but didn't find out what it was until about 6 years ago. And I have been dealing w/ the Pain on a daily basis. Please feel free to email me if you ever want to talk. I know your pain.

    Good luck

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    Endometriosis,IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment; IUI, ICSI and Laparoscopic surgery is very cheap in India. The cost is very low and the medical services are very good in India.

    My cousin and her husband got their IVF treatment in India through the Forerunners Healthcare in India and is all praise for this company. She is a known case of PCOS.She is a very happy mother of a baby boy now. She just paid 2500 pounds for the full IVF treatment in India for which she was quoted 8000 pounds in private setup in UK.

    Forerunners Healthcare is very famous in India. I read a lot about them in the newspapers. I have also read about a Chinese couple who planned surrogacy through the Forerunners Healthcare. They arrange financing for USA, Canadian, UK and other international patients who plan to have surgery and infertility treatment like IVF, IUI, and ICSI abroad for low price. They also have photos pasted of their International patients. You can checkout their website. There are huge cost savings. As a doctor I personally believe that surgery and treatment can be easily handled in India, as the quality of healthcare available In India is simply best in the world. The surgeons are USA/UK trained and facilities are 5 star.


    Hope this helps.

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    I agree, consult planned parenthood, or talk to your local disability attorney and see if they can't get you put on temporary disability.

    Endometriosis, without seeking pregnancy, will sometimes be covered under insurance if you have it.

    If you do, consult your physician and see if they can't help you get it worded in such a way it doesn't look like you're seeking fertility. That's what I had to do with my fibroid tumors.

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    Call Planned Parenthood or Women's Services in your area.

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