pregnant nutrition?

what kind of food can they eat???.... what kind of diseases can a baby get for bad nutrition????

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    Prepregnancy Nutrition Shopping Checklist

    Fill your grocery cart with the nutrients you and baby need.

    Much of the fetus's essential growth will take place in the first few weeks of your pregnancy.

    Even before you start eating for two, get in the habit of shopping for healthy foods that provide the nutrients you both need. Print out this shopping checklist using the "Print" function on your Web browser, and bring it to your local supermarket or health food store next time you shop.

    ____ Prenatal vitamins (ask your health-care provider which is best for you)

    ____ Fortified, whole grain breakfast cereal

    ____ Whole grain bread and/or crackers

    ____ Seasonal fruits such as apples, peaches, melon, berries

    ____ Calcium-fortified orange juice

    ____ Dried fruits (without sulfites)

    ____ Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale

    ____ Other seasonal vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, pea pods

    ____ Low-fat or skim milk

    ____ Low-fat yogurt

    ____ Hard cheese (avoid soft cheese during pregnancy)

    ____ Lean beef or chicken, fish, and/or eggs (if you eat meat)

    ____ Tofu (bean curd)

    ____ Dried legumes such as lentils, navy beans, pinto beans

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    Nutrition is very consious fact during pregnancy. In this time, nutritional requirement increase more more- for mother and for foetus.

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