How has the civil right movement changed the US Government?


My 14 yr. old nephew is asking this as a part of his polling project to add to his report. So your answers are really appreciated.

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  • Tom W
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    1 decade ago
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    I think the civil rights movement could not have happend WITHOUT the Federal government. It was Eisenhower ( a conservative Republican) who sent Federal troops to the south to desegregate the public schools and it has always been the FBI who investigates hate crimes. And we should not forget that there were many committed white bureaucrats who diligently sought civil rights prosecutions from the 50's through today. The civil rights movement has become a misnomer that now encompasses scam artists like Al Sharpton. The 1964 Civil Rights act was championed by a Republican Senator from Illinois named Everet Dirksen. An awful lot of people have been involved in the struggle for civil rights and many and in fact maybe most have been white people. They are forgotten and their courage and work has been forgotten. As were the Freedom Riders of the 60's and the civil rights workers of the same period, two of whom were murdered in Mississippi for their committment to civil rights. Naw, the civil rights movement was made possible by the power and authority of the Federal government and ironically many of those heroes were conservative Republicans, while the state officials were Dixiecrats, that is solid Democratic states who never voted Republican and opposed civil rights. George Wallace was a Democratic Governor, not a Republican. History is amazing, its just not known factually by very many people.

  • Steve
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    1 decade ago

    It made the South vote Republican.

    The racists were angry with a Democrat (Johnson) for signing the legislation, and so these folks all deserted the Democratic party and signed up with the Republicans and the South has been a conservative stronghold ever since.

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    didn't you asked the same question 5-6 times already!!!

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    uh, black people vote without getting hung by whitey. how about that one for starters.

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