Russia !!!!?

Current life in russia ... what they eat how they dress and stuff like that . please help !

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    They eat a lot of fish and potatoes. And tons of soup. Russians believe soup once a day is important for good health. Traditional Russian dishes like pelmeni and vereniki (types of dumplings with meat or potatoes inside) with sour cream are popular. They also like cake usually in garish colours and personally, I don't like them, chocolate and sweets. They are big tea drinkers, not so big coffee drinkers (only instant, even in the best restaurants). They also drink a lot of alcohol, mostly beer and vodka. Lots of people smoke, even women but they hide it because it's frowned upon by a lot of people.

    Dress sense is similar to the West. Jeans with everything. The only difference is that they like a little bit more sparkle or a pattern on their clothes. A few wear fur but it's a myth that they wear massive fur hats. The women are erm.... glamorous, although I wouldn't say especially beautiful. They certainly make the best of themselves but I wouldn't say they are naturally beautiful. Sorry to upset anyone. The men are for the most part quite unattractive. I'm allowed to say that because my boyfriend is Russian and I love him to death but he aint no George Clooney.

    Typical Russian pastimes - sitting in a friend's kitchen chatting, eating, drinking, smoking and listening to music. There's nothing better. Football (soccer) is very popular as is ice hockey. People often go skating and skiing in the winter and the Russian banya (a sauna where you hit each other with birch twigs and then go and roll around in the snow) is an institution. Brilliant fun. Also playing billiards or American pool is popular with younger people these days.

    Hey, person below me: I live there, you pillock. I think it because I see it. I live in Siberian Russia with 5 Russian people, including my Russian boyfriend of 2 years. You might be talking about crappy Moscow, which in no way represents real Russia. I bet you've never even been to Siberian Russia or the provinces. My personal opinion is that Russian women are not as naturally beautiful as they are believed to be and hey, I stole my Russian boyfriend from a Russian woman so I must have been more attractive then her. You might be of Slavic descent but there is no way you are a Russian (or Ukrainian) because no Russian would be so needlessly rude. You don't even live in Russia so why don't you (if you even speak the language) 'Pashol na hui'.

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    Well, I must agree on the fact that Moscow and St. Petersburg are not the same as the provinces. Like in every big city you may find a great contrast between the posh neigbourhoods and the poorer sectors. Subway stations for example are incredible palaces (whereas in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy for instance, public services are inefficient, everything looks so old and shabby, and when you ask them why, they answer: "Eto Rossía", [This is Russia], so apparently the wave of modernity and the influence of free market and globalization hasn't reached them so intensely yet, for good or for bad).

    However, it was my very personal impression that the food was superb, that the weather was just too cold to be confortable for me, that people tend to be a bit rude in comparison with other countries' standards (they may seem threatening once they notice you are a foreigner, have fresh money and don't speak the language well enough, but once they get to know you they are really hospitable), but most importantly the number of really attractive dievushkas (girls) is remarkable (just remember Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova, Elena Dementieva or these tAtU pop singers, just to mention a few beauties. As a Moscovite cabbie told me, something like (excuse my poor Russian): "Niet caviar, niet neft, Dievushky, realniyi Rossía gold",´[meaning something like "Neither caviar nor petroleum, Girls are the real gold of Russia"] ).

    Well, simply my dream come true, but of course it's all in the eye of the beholder, in my case I've always had a great weakness for Nordic/Eastern-European/Slavic beauties. Anyway, I'm definitely looking forward to returning soon!!

    Da svidania...

    Source(s): My trips
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    It is very cool to live in Russia, they have delicious food there, like

    Plov and Samsa, (plov is a rice dish with lamb and carrots and all sorts of other stuff) (samsa is a delicious pastry that has a lot of spicy meat and potatoes) and they dress very casually, except for the upper class, the upper class dress up to go anywhere, even the grocery store, and they have really good ballet in St. Petersburg and in Moscow, ps. casually means jeans and a blouse for women and as for men, they just put on jeans and tshirt, They have really wicked winters there, so bring good winter clothes,

    Source(s): i lived in russia so i get it from my memories of 2 years ago
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    Don't believe the stereotypes that Russian things (food, clothes) are garish. Although traditional garb is floral and gilded, today, fashion sensibilities have changed.

    Moscow is currently one of the most expensive cities in the world. People with a reasonable amount of money have everything that people in the West do. They also wear clothing that rivals the fashions of Paris and Milan.

    Traditional foods are the same as they were prior to the fall of communism. A lot of heavy, fatty foods, meat, potatoes, dumplings, etc. Once again, this is determined by economics. The wealthy eat crepes with caviar ( a traditional Russian food) and foreign foods like Sushi, while the poor can't afford those luxuries. Russians don't believe that eating soup once again keeps you healthy. Russians believe that eating hot foods is generally good for digestion, and soup (with bread) is usually served as the first course of supper.

    I should mention that even though Russians eat a lot of heavy foods, most people are fit (probably because fewer people have cars than in America) but I guess that's true for most of Europe.

    Also, I'm not sure where a Brit gets off calling Russians unattractive. Sounds like someone is a little jealous. ;-)

    Source(s): I'm Russian... well Ukrainian.
  • I would have to agree with Pinwheelbandid more about the whole situation :). As for women, there are attractive and unattractive women in Russia, just like anywhere.

    Source(s): Everybody is entitled to their own opinion
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    well, guys. i am a Russian and i love your excitement about my country. maybe Katya is a little bit too excited. you are right about soup, hot tea and potatoes. those are favorite food for the most. Russians ever loved shashlyk (shishkebab) but recently it became even more popular, partly because a lot of Armenians and Central Asia people moved to Russia to open numerous restaurants and cafes.

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    Women dress like models, but theyre very materialistic.

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    pinwheelbandit and Natalie P, don`t flatter yourselves, you know that there are many fat girls in russia, and most have average or below average looks.

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    Please Katia try to be polite.........I am 100 persents Russian and I lived long time in USA. Most of woman are beautiful. I belive you and your boy friend are nice looking people, but it is not a fact that he left his Russian girl friend because of your beauty........ think about it and try to be more intellegent

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