why did fairy tales come about?

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    Fairy tales started as oral stories (folktales), and were told to both adults and children. The stories we think of as fairy tales today are mostly from medieval times, and were told to scare people (from going into the woods, etc.) Hansel and Gretel was actually from a time of great famine, when there were stories of parents leaving their children in the woods because there was not enough food. The original stories were really pretty gruesome.

    The Brothers Grimm took on the challenge of writing down a lot of oral tales in order to preserve them. In later editions of their works, they actually rewrote the stories in more acceptable forms, in the hopes that they would withstand the test of time. Apparently they did!

    Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairy_tale Also, I'm an elementary teacher, obsessed with children's literature!
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    Fairy tales used to be adult tales like little red hiding hood was pretty disgusting and it was just to entertain and the writers made money.

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    not truthfully ones. Do you already understand the percentages of an truthfully prince coming to marry you? Princes in no way used to also be allowed to marry commoners. there is no such component as hearth respiration dragons and depraved witches with truthfully powers and speaking animals. Fairy thoughts are unrealistic. this is unhappy inspite of the indisputable fact that this is real. also many of the time it takes dealing with some boys to locate a strong one ;)

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    Fictional stories people would tell to pass the time some of the stem in beliefs, religion and some stories they would pay tellers to tell then. Kinda like acient cable.

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  • Cause stories about straight people were so boring!

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