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National Park: Jerantut or Endau better?

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  • ng
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    1 decade ago
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    pls take notes that Endau is only a state park [ Johor ] where Kuala Tahan of Jerantut is one of our National Park !

    Both have their fair share of attraction n the only common things are 'greenery' n wild animals. Accessibility is of course Kuala Tahan easier with tared road all the way to it's HQ [well almost, one would arrive just opposite at the other side of the river, BUT beware of pot-holes all the way, causes by those lori balak !]

    Endau has some very beautiful n interesting rivers/streams, rocks formation[naturally] where KT offered some very challenging rapids all the way to Kampung Mat Darling, hiking to the highest peak of West Malaysia - Mt Tahan, kelah fishs sanctuary etc etc.

    Both places are extremely worth visiting so if possible set foots on them if you have the chance !

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  • 1 decade ago

    Both have it's own attraction. To be a National Park doesnt mean to be better then others.

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  • Jedi K
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    1 decade ago


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