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Do you have advice on Cruising Excursions in Hawaii or the Spirit of America cruise ship?

We've scheduled a Hawaiian cruise on the Spirit of America, and may want to schedule our own land excursions. I am told they will pick you up at the dock and return you to the ship.

Are you familiar with Hawaiian tourism, esp. cruising? If you are, what suggestions would you have? What's the best way to save money on excursions or other things to do while in port? Is there perhaps an agency over there that can book adventures & excursions for us?

What excursions have you done and enjoyed the most? We're a retired couple, so hiking the Na Pali coast is probably out, but we're open to any suggestions.

Also, if you have sailed on the Spirit of America, we'd appreciate any advice about the ship, ports of call, or cruising in general. This is "free-style" cruising, and anything you could tell us about that would also be appreciated.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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    There is a lady in Sarasota, Florida that is exceptionally knowledgeable on the subject of Hawaiian Cruises who can answer almost any question for you about the Spirit of America and scheduling your own land excursions. Her name is "Candy" her Toll Free number to call is: 866-807-7386 M-F 9-6 EST on Ext.# 2037. She has full access to the Gulliver's World Travel Data Bank Service. She can be very helpful to You!

    Source(s): www.cruiselineamerica.
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    i went on a cruise and the good excursions are the ones you want to do. maybe go on a helicopter ride. i went on the Pride of America. but you can book your excursions on the boat. but it might be totally booked already. and yes the excursions will pick you up at a special meeting place on the docks and return you back to the same spot.

    HAVE FUN!!!

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