Hair help....desparately lol?

I have always had the same hairstyle, color, texture, everything. I've never dyed or highlighted my hair, nor permed or straightened it, but I want something new.

My hair is a few inches below my shoulders, somewhat wavy. I have always worn it in a ponytail, but now that I am 19 I want variety. I was an only child growing up with my dad, so I don't know much about how to do any hairstyles, and I would like for the style to be easy to do...any sites or advice on where to go to find other styles I could wear on an everyday basis?

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    okay. so first of all you should go to a salon. the one i go to is called supercuts. they are fantastic. and ask them what hairstyle would look good on you. they can help.

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    You can download a picture of yourself and try different hairstyles and colors. Do that to get a feel for what you might like. Then buy a good style magazine, find a haircut you like and take it to a salon with you. Tell the stylist what you do and don't want and then ask for suggestions. But stick to your guns, don't let them talk you into something you don't want. And remember to have fun. Hair will always grow out and nothing is perminate.

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    Go to a hair stylest and see which cut will look the best. If you want a really bold change of color get highlights but if you like your color and just want to spice it up a little get low-lights.

    For Waves:

    Wash your hair the night before. then put a smoothing cream in it (Samy Salon Systems, smooth reaction; Walgreens). After that tie your hair in a tight bun. till morning you should have more defined waves.

    but you can always straighten or curl it.

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    I think a good thing to think about is starting with a little change.

    All of a sudden dyeing your whole head might be overwhelming. Adding a few foils (highlights, low lights.) would be a good start. Add a few long layers to your hair, and maybe you can begin to do more versatile stying after that! side parts and bangs look cute too.


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    Give your hair some layers and then it won't just be a non-layered ponytail. It will look more stylish like this.

    If you don't want layered hair. Start leaving your hair down. When your hair is down you can slightly curl it a little , straghten it, or crimp it. Those things are easier to do without layers.

    I peronally love layers. It gives it a really cool style.

    I'm also a fan of long layered hair like this picture shown below.

    when your hair is wavy hair like you descripted above i suggest layerd hair

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    try layering it....(choppy layers) its a cute hair style when worn down and nothing is done to it and for special occasions give it a cute lil flip

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    I have hairs just like u and I always do different styles. My friends love it!

    My first suggestion is don't cut ur hairs!

    U can braid ur hairs lot of different ways, like i do.

    U can make lot of different kinds of buns.

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    1 decade ago I went to that site for some tips!! got this on google this is from google too

    good luck hope i helped!!!

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