Where can I find an inexpensive or free website for my business?

I currently sell for a large cosmetics/skincare company and am provided with an excellent website for product viewing, company info and shopping. However, I cannot change any of the website content. I am interested in starting a website that would show my current promotions, discounts, sales, and other information. I want to link it to my company-provided website for shopping (it accepts all credit cards so I wouldn't want to ignore it!). I have a lot of professional experience with website layout and design, so I am not concerned with inputting the content. Ideas please on good places to start for cheap or free websites. Input from other 'ThinkPink' girls would be great, too. Thanks!

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    Most free hosting services go out of business quickly or require ads, which is really unprofessional. I would recommend Nearly Free Speech(https://www.nearlyfreespeech.net/services/hosting.... ) for hosting. They charge $1 a gigabyte of transfer and 1c a megabyte for hosting. The chances that you'll need to spend even 5 dollars a month in hosting fees with them is highly unlikely, but at a dollar a GB, it's pretty cheap to grow.

    How much people spend on hosting at nearlyfreespeech.net


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    gentle, reliable concept gentle.. Why a internet website ..?? As there are a great style of blogs available contained available. I propose is there any reason to start up a internet website? If, so dont be tempted to settle on for loose. in case you ask for loose internet website, some would grant you that yet, you will desire to compromise on many undertaking concerns. reliable success.

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    Microsoft Office Live Basics is a free service that allows you make your own web site. They even pay to register the new domain name. For the details, see attached link.

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    Look up http://www.excelyourbiz.com/

    to learn how to build a professional website on your own without the high cost of paying for a webmaster for free or for a low cost. They show you everything you need to know to build your own web site.

    They offer advice and guide you through the steps to

    build your very own web site. Basic computer skills are needed

    and you don't need to be a computer whiz to build your own website.

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    If you know how to build a site I know several people who are willing to sell their website builder.Which is a license to build a site from a certain company. epelham54@yahoo.com

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    Please read how you may advertise with this business. MK is VERY strict and you could lose your selling ability. I'm pretty sure you need to use their website.

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