I already sell cosmetics/skincare, but want to sell something else?

Ideas please! I sell a skincare/cosmetics brand already, and love it, but would like to sell another item that is not similar. I was thinking about pampered chef? I am good with sales and enjoy it, so working hard won't be an issue. I would also like to hear about things that didn't work or were a scam. Please be polite!


I want something that I can do on my own schedule, from home (cell phone, laptop, etc).

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    1 decade ago
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    I believe that if you can sell one thing you can sell another.

    Ah ha...with your added info. I now say.

    Pampered Chef looks like really high quality products. You can try it and see what you think. If it's not your gig, then you just sell your inventory and move on.

    There is always the favorite of Tupperware.

    Go for something that you love.

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    I have an opportunity that may interest you. Your income potential is basically limitless (depending on how hard you are willing to work) and you set your own hours. You sell products without actually selling, sorry if that is confusing but I can explain it better later. We offer over 300 products that are all contribute to wellness. Interested? Please email me and I would be happy to share more information with you and get you started.


    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Wellness Manager

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    4 years ago

    What enjoying cards do you opt to hold? do you opt to stroll away, or call for that they make a greater advantageous grant? your chosen effect isn't sparkling. you do not describe what you mean by using "offered." Did you sign papers? supply a deposit? Get the call put in your call? If not, you probably did not purchase the vehicle. you purely had a verbal contract with the broking. you be attentive to what they say approximately verbal agreements - they at the instant are not nicely well worth the paper they're written on (hi! especially with vehicle sellers!). you may walk faraway from this occasion. The broking could easily return any deposit you left. Threaten criminal action in case you decide on the a reimbursement and that they don't supply it. by using the same token, you may attempt to finagle a greater advantageous deal on a alternative vehicle. in spite of the incontrovertible fact that, the broking isn't under any criminal duty to supply it in case you probably did not unquestionably purchase the 1st vehicle (it somewhat is, in case you purely had a verbal contract). for my section, this sounds shady to me. i could walk faraway from this broking if I have been you. EDIT: based on your as much as date advice, the broking could return your deposit right now in case you ask for it. They breached the settlement. they could additionally kiss your a** up one cheek and down the different and grant you a greater advantageous deal on a various vehicle if that's what you decide on, too. yet my backside-line suggestion remains the same: i could walk faraway from those human beings if I have been you. EDIT (take 2): ok, is this your very final answer? there's a great distinction in the two circumstances you have defined so far. Why could you sign a settlement like the only you describe on your 2nd addendum? there is not any benefit to it for you. you have purely given them license to bait-and-change you...which they did. and you appear to be on the hook to purchase a vehicle. until they promised you transport of a vehicle by using a definite date, and that date has exceeded, i think of you're nonetheless locked in to the settlement.

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    My SIL makes jewelry, and sells it along with cosmetics.

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