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I was chewing some toffee and i felt 1 of my teeth move!!? It happend 1 week ago!!!!!?

I looked in the back of my mouth, on the upper jaw, in the upper left quadrant and one of the tooths has moved out of position! before they were all perfectly straight and one is at an angle and misaligned with respect to the others! there is a gap between the adjacent tooth and food is getting stuck in there!! and the other adjacent tooth is hard to floss in between as the gap has become much smaller!!!! What should i do !!! Is this normal??

Also i wear a night guard on the upper teeth and it still fits although not as snug and it feels tender around the tooth that was moved when i wear it!!! HELP!

I had braces for 5 years and visit the dentist every 6 months and i paid a lot of money and my teeth were PERFECT before this!!

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    You need to wear your night guard as your doctor instructed you to. If your are going to the Dr every six months and are following his or her directions then maybe you fractured your tooth. teeth don't move all at once it takes time for them to move and if you noticed that amount of space change in one day I would get to the dentist quick.

  • Schedule an appointment with your dentist to make sure that it is nothing serious. That happened to me, it turns out my tooth was loose and it fell out a week afterward. However, I was 7. I don't know if all your teeth fell out and all your "grown-up teeth" have grown in, but if they haven't, that could be a solution. Just be careful putting on the night guard... follow your dentist's instructions and you should be fine.

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    maybe there is too much space around the tooth or your teeth are loose from wearing the night guard so they move easily

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