JK Harris & Company - Trying to Block ACH Debit?

I recently (foolishly and without doing due dilligence) contracted w/JKHC to help me with an IRS/tax issue. Within a few days I not only saw the error of my ways, but I also notified JKHC in writing that I was terminating our agreement and no longer needed their services. I did that within the 5 business days specified on their paperwork....and sent the notification: a) via their secured customer service email link on their website; b) via facsimile (and printed confirmation of transmission); and c) mailed the letter via certified/return receipt mail.

Now, because I've read such terrible things about this company and don't trust them for a second, I want to make sure that they don't try to move forward with any ACH debits from my checking account.

So, has anyone had JKHC do ACH debits and if so, can you tell me EXACTLY how those debits are identified on your bank account? Does the debit come from JK Harris, or from Professional Fee Financing Associates? Or some other company?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Unfortunately you can not block an ACH debit payment. You have to contact your bank in person and talk to a consultant, not a teller. Explain the situation to him/her and bring proof that you have canceled your service with the JKHC. Tell the bank that you want to stop all future payment to JKHC and also ask the bank how to identify the ACH from that company (it help if you have your bank statement with you). If you can't, then I suggest you close the account and open a new account with your bank.

    I had to do something similar to this, but it was from my visa check card...I call my bank and asked what can I do to stop the company from taking money from my account(ACH debit). They told me; all I have to do is to write a letter to my bank with all my info and asked for a new visa check card and sign it. Within a week I got new card and the old one closed....

    Good luck to you.

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