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ok here is the deal I was laid off from my current job and I am trying to get unemployment compensation. In the past I have worked for temp services and after 3 months if i was not hired I found a new job cause I really needed the insurance benefits. now two of the temp services have told them I was terminated. I was never terminated. and they will not compensate me. Is there a law against witholding a persons pay because the employer is being dishonest? opinions or advice greatly appreciated. I mean should I try to put a lawsuit on it or what???

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    You're not going to like reading this but I'm not going to bull sh*t you. The way you have worded your question I assume that after 3 months and not being hired you quit the job or quit the temp agency and went in search of another job. In Ohio if you quit you are not eligible for unemployment benefits. Basically you only get unemployment for job loss that is not your fault. If you quit (voluntary), resigned, were fired with cause etc... you will not be awarded benefits. If you were laid off or your job was seasonal then you may be eligible for benefits.

    All I can tell you is to reapply and speak with an agent or counselor and explain your situation and what you did (quitting) and why you did it. This may help, but probably not. Just keep looking for a job and remember always to ask friends and family for help if you truly need it.

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    Re-file your claim. Have the unemployment agency contact the employers directly. Meaning the companies you worked at. The temp companies just don't want to pay. Re-enforce the fact that these were temp job on your way to full time permanent work. Tell them that is the only reason you left and were not terminated.

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    In Arkansas, as long as you have worked sufficiently to qualify for a benefit amount you should be able to receive your unemployment if you were laid off from your last job. They should make the decision on your U.I. Benefits based on separation from your last job only. You definately need to speak to a U.I. Representative at your local office and ask questions until your satisfied with the answers!

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Former State of Arkansas Unemployment Insurance Interviewer
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    Wow, that sucks. However, I believe that technically when you leave a job, you are terminated.. unless you give written documentation of leave. Sounds like you will have to find a job.

    But just in case.. seek legal council perhaps they know of a loophole in the system.

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