Do you think he is missing me as much as I am missing him?

My boyfriend and I broke up on November 20, & I still can not get him out of my mind. I want him back so bad but, I know that I can not make this happen. I still feel him holding me and I still hear him telling me how much he loves me. I know that it was something really stupid that we broke up over but, I also know that I need to leave things this way for now. Do you think that he is feeling the same amount of pain that I am feeling? Or is this just a girl thing for us only to be the ones to feel. I am very much still in love with him and I really need someones advice on how to handle this.

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    Fact, if ur feeling this way now still you need to go and get him back or at least try to!!! i broke up with my boyfriend and i always said to myself in time if i could not get over him then it was meant to be to go and at least try to get him back in my life. you say you broke up over something silly? if u broke up over something silly what the hell are you still doing single. if you were feeling ok about being on ur own and over him then i would not bother, BUT you dont feel ok something is telling you that you still love this man, so if you still feel like this then you have to do whats right, dont let him go cos you could regret it and at least try. i dare say things would also be better if you got bk with him too as yous have had some time apart, i believe you have to fight for whats right and if ur still feeling this way aint it telling you something??

  • Well in my experience I was normally the one who was in your shoes. Pain hurts. Especially that of the heart. But there is no surefire way to tell whether or not he is missing you because you have not seen him. So I mean until you either talk to him or ask his friends you will never know.

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    well..if u really wanna get over him..u should start by not wondering whether he misses u or not..n just keep ur self goes on ..u know..

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    after u broke up .. did u talk to him atleast once ....and yes if he loves u ...he probably is missing u now as much as u miss him ...why dont u try to patch up..good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    its possible he still misses you too. make the first move and tell him! cuz u never know u might end up regreting not taking the chance. :)

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    Well, it is really difficult to answer your question. I think you should try to find out this your self. Why don't you talk to him????

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