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What is the most unique command that you have taught your dog? How did you teach it?

I am a pet trainer, and I am always looking for new ideas to teach the dogs in my classes. I have all the basics, like sit, down, stay, come, walk on a leash without pulling, take it, leave it, drop it, shake, high five, wave, touch, turn on a light, heel, on you bed, open a door or fridge for a cold beverage (hehehehe), dance, push a ball through a goal, and things like that. Any new ideas for fun tricks?

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    I trained my dog to walk one of my other dogs. He would grab the leash and walk the other dog. I just taught him to grab the lease and then to hold on to it. Then, I would tell him to walk by me with the leash still in his mouth (with the other dog attached).

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    We have taught our Chesapeake Bay Retriever the "names" of most of her toys - when we want her to bring a specific toy to play with we tell her to "go get the big Kong" or "go get the squeaky ball". Sometimes the silly girl will mess with us. She will bring the "wrong" toy, drop it, then go look for the one we told her to get.

    I am constantly amazed at the number of items she has learned. We taught her simply by using the agreed upon name for each item a LOT when playing with her. Once she caught on to the first couple teaching more was easy.

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    We trained our Jack Russell with different phrases for standard commands.

    For rollover--we say "show me your belly". THIS is the vet and doggie day care favorite! Always good for an "AHHHHHHH".

    For him to go away--we say "scram, beat it" and he actually hauls butt around the corner and out of sight.

    But the funniest thing we do is that we growl at him in a certain tone and he runs and gets his favorite toy. We adapted this from his own way of demanding play time.....growling. So when we give him the look, and growl....there he goes.....and here he comes with the toy, ready for play!

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    I even have 2 little Havanese women that be taught new instructions, instructions and words very immediately. Wednesday is 3 years old and discovered to "dance" in a single consultation. She spins and strikes forward and back to my lead on her hind legs. She is likewise acquainted with "get on your chair" {she has her very own little quad chair, yet, i will instruct her the place i desire her too}, "go night night", {she'll get under the covers and placed her head on the pillow}, "Be a ineffective canines" {she lays on her back, or side} "get off" {the furniture} and a variety of of different different words, she is likewise acquainted with the names of 5 diverse toys and is acquainted with the adaptation between "toy" and "chewie bone", as does the different one, Teagan. She purely grew to become a million 12 months. I even have taught her to take a seat up and "wave" with the two front ft when I say "Oh hi"! it is incredibly lovable. She is likewise acquainted with "toy" and "chewie bone", she's gaining information of "get on your chair" too, yet, she has a lots shorter interest span and could no longer stay long yet. i do no longer think of she's quite the Rocket Scientist that Wednesday is, yet, she's incredibly lovable, so it is okay, i like her. All my huge canines understand "hup" skill "arise" on the table, in the motor vehicle/van, get on the rock/bluff" despite. As do the little canines, yet, they desire help extra frequently. All are instruct experienced to sophisticated voice and hand instructions too. i exploit 'watch" for expression, "stand" for a self stack with a finger up, carry it and watch. i do no longer do formal obedience any further, I do exciting stuff with mine, all of them understand diverse words somewhat of "instructions", it quite is purely how I prepare.

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    we taught our Chihuahua how to crawl its really cute and she loves showing off. Also we taught to leave treat on nose until we say she can have it, but that was tedious trying to teach her that.

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    "Roll over" is pretty basic. My dog loves it because we clap and whoop for him afterwards. He's a boxer, so he loves the excitement.

    One very helpful one is "shh."

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