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麻煩幫我翻一下這段文章(英文) 謝謝!!很急!!

麻煩幫我翻一下這段文章(英文) 謝謝!!很急!!

這篇報告關於2個和尚的故事, 是描敘有兩個和尚走著走著,看到了一攤爛泥巴,旁邊有一位女生整苦惱著怎麼走過這攤爛泥巴,這時其中一個和尚就主動去揹那位女生過那攤爛泥巴,此時,另一為和尚感到非常疑惑,心裡想,師父不是告誡過我們不要親近女色嗎?它怎們可以去背那個女生.到了晚上,這個充滿疑惑的和尚就去問另一個和尚說,今天你怎麼揹那個女生過爛泥巴呢?師父不是告誡過我們了嗎?此時,另一個和尚就說,這件事情我早就放下了,而你還在想. 我覺得這篇故事非常的好,是告訴人們凡事都能以平常心面對,懂得去放下某些事物.雖然,在現實生活中,到處都充滿著誘惑,但是有顆堅定的心是很重要的. 要知道自己該做什麼,不要被不必要的事情給困惑住. 其實,很多事情沒那麼困難,都只是在一念之間,當你想通了你就想通了,但是當你還在對於某個細節感到耿耿於懷,那這下麻煩大了.有些人往往容易對某件事情太過執著,而影響到自己的心思和行為,反而讓一件簡單的事情變得更糟糕,站在旁觀者的立場,或許會覺得這一切都很愚蠢,但是該怎麼去看待一件事情,還是得靠自己的智慧了


先謝謝大家了: )

請不要用翻譯軟體 謝謝大家了!!!!!!

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    This is a report about the story of two monks. Two monks are walking as they see a girl beside a pile of mud. She is worried about how to pass this pile of mud. At this moment, one of the monk go on to carry the girl voluntarily on his back over the pile of mud. Now, the other monk becomes really confused. He thought that: "Didn't master admonish us that we are not suppose to get close to females? How can he go on to carry that girl on his back?" At night, this confused monk went to ask another monk: "Why did you carry that girl over the pile of mud today? I thought the master told us not do so?" Now, this monk replied: " I already put down this incident, but why are you still thinking about it?"

    I think that this is a very good story, it tells us that we should face everything with normal heart, and understand what things could be let go. Although in the world nowadays, temptation is filled in everywhere, a firm heart is very important. We have to know what we are suppose to do, and not be confused by unimportant things. As a matter of fact, there are many things that are not that difficult, it all depends on that one decision. You are clear when you become convinced, but when you are taking the details into your heart, then here is the trouble. There are people that often get inflexible on things and hence affecting one's behavior and mind; the result of this aggravates an easy problem . As a third person's viewpoint, we might feel that everything is foolish; however, it depends on how we look at one thing, it requires your own knowledge.

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    ... 這篇文章很難翻譯...因為...

    1. 你沒分段...眼睛都看花了

    2. 有些東西看不懂在寫什麼

    3. 中文文章中有些地方不是很通順 (不知道該怎麼翻)

    4. 中文文章中有很多多餘的詞...

    英文的翻譯中.. 我盡我全力翻了...但我知道裡面有些錯誤 (改動了一些用詞...;有些照字面翻..因為不知道寫什麼)

    嗯... 大概就這樣吧 ~ 希望對你有所幫助

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    This report concerning 2 monks of story, copy Xu to have two monks to walk, come in sight of one stand lousy mud, have distress whole a girl side how to walk through lousy mud of this stand, at this time an among those monk carried that girl actively lousy mud over that stand, at this time, another on feeling very interrogative for the monk, the heart think, teacher not is warned us and do not become intimate with sex?It how can carry on the back that girl.Evening, this is filled with interrogative the monk asks another monk to say, did you how to carried that girl to led lousy mud today?Teacher not is warned us?At this time, another monk says, this thing I have already let go of, and you still think. I feel this story is very good, telling people the all thingses all an ability to be faced with common heart, knowing to let go of some things.Although, all be filled with come-on everywhere in the realistic life, 到誘惑

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    But have a heart of firmness is very important. Want to know the oneself should be what, don't want an otiose thing of quilt to live for perplexity. In fact, a lot of things didn't be so difficult,

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    all just being you to have found you to have found in the all arise from one wrong idea, but when you return at taken to heart with a certain detail, that this descends to bother greatly.Some persons usually persist too to a certain thing easily,

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    and influence to own idea and the behavior, letting a simple thing become on the contrary whatter a mess, stand on the bystander's position, will feel the all these is all very stupid probably, but the intelligence for how to shoulding treat a thing, or have to depend on oneself

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    This report is about 2 Buddhist monks' story, two Buddhist monks are taking a walk to copy and is chatted, has seen a stand of rotten mud , why pass by this stand of rotten mud a girl student is whole and worried there is nearby, a Buddhist monk among them goes to carry that girl student to pass that stand of rotten mud voluntarily at this moment, at this moment, another feel extraordinary doubt for Buddhist monk, heart think, has not the master worker warned us not to be close to woman's charm? How it can go to carry that girl student . By evening, this Buddhist monk doubting goes to ask that another Buddhist monk says, how do you carry that girl student and cross the rotten mud today? Has not the master worker warned us? At this moment, another Buddhist monk says , I have put down this thing for a long time, you are still thinking. It think I by this the pieces of stories the fine, it tell people the everythings can be by usual mind in the face of, know how to put down some things. Though, are full of luring everywhere in actual life, but a firm heart is very important. Know what oneself should be done , don't be given by the unnecessary thing and lived puzzledly. In fact, a lot of things then have no difficulty, except for during reading , come round as you come round you, but as you are still feeling and taking a certain detail to heart, that is troublesome and big by now. Some people are often easy to be too persistent to some thing , and influence one's own attention and behavior, let a simple thing become more terrible , stand in the onlooker's position instead, perhaps will think all these very unwise , but how to go to think about a thing, must depend on one's own intelligence

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