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tang swords?

do full tang swords rust, if so how long would it take?

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    The tang has nothing to do with rusting. The tang is the base of the blade embedded in the hilt or handle of the sword. A full tang means it is stronger against breakage then a half or partial tang sword.

    Keep swords dry, if they do get wet oil them after drying them off. Keep them in a safe spot and avoid letting them get pock marked as these imperfections can lead to deposits and gathering moisture. Try to keep blades wrapped if they do not have sheaths.

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    the tang has nothing to do with rusting, the tang has to do with the quality of the sword.

    If in fact you do have a real sword and not a wallhanger I would strongly suggest you learn to oil and clean it.

    The tang is the part of the sword that secures the sword to the hilt (generally). The only time the question of a tang comes into play is if it is a rat-tail (weak and shortened) tang. This kind of tang will snap.

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    any sword made out of legitimate carbonized steel will rust....full-tang, rat-tail tang or otherwise.

    How long would it take? Depends on what's rusting it (chemical compositions and such) and what mineral quality the steel blade is constructed of.

    Oil from skin will rust a carbon steel blade, as will humidity, and the obvious exposure to water.

    Keep the blade oiled, and dryed and you should be fine with blade management and maintenance.

    Also, FYI.....avoid stainless steel like the plague. All they're good for is a wall decoration.

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    It has more to do with the material the sword is made from than the tang. The tang actually has nothing to do with it. A stainless steel blade will keep longest without a need for care; however, if you touch it, you'll have to carefully clean it. If you simply wipe a fingerprint from a stainless blade, it'll return later on and you'll need a chrome eraser to restore it.

    Carbon steel is most likely to rust quickly. But Hanwei makes a sword care kit that's easy to find and easy to use.

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  • all swords can rust, if it's full tang, (who made it?) it's probably carbon steel, as it's higer quality than stainless, and carbon rusts much easier. keep the blade clean and dry, don't store it in its sheath, as leather holds moisture, and keep a light coating of oil on it after cleaning. avoid fingerprinting the blade, they can rust overnight. i use rennaisance wax, it's a light petroleum based wax that protects the blade. a little goes a long way. i've had the same can for four or five years, and i've used less than an ounce, after coating several swords, gun parts, knife blades, ect. here's a link. enjoy your swords

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    As long as you care properly for your sword, it shouldn't rust. Proper care includes taking it out of it's sheath and oiling the blade at least twice a month.

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    Take care of your sword and you will never have a problem as long as your great grandchildren still live. True antique katanas can be a couple hundred years old and be in amazing condition.

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    Hi there, if you look at this site, it gives you tips on how to keep your sword in good condition. Hope it helps and good luck!

    Source(s): Practising martial artist: wado-ryu karate, iaido.
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