i am having a birthday party for my 2 year old and i need ideas for birthday games. The theme is elmo.?

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    1 decade ago
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    Just put the toys out and let the kids have fun!!

    www.babycentre.co/uk says:

    Games and activities

    Most children of this age love dressing up, so keep a box of dressing up clothes handy. Balloons are great fun, but the noise of them bursting may scare more timid tots. Remove burst ones quickly, for safety's sake.

    Simple but structured games with clear instructions, like Ring o' Roses, Simon Says and dancing to music are great fun. Action rhymes go down well -- or consider a short story after food to calm them down for home time.

    If you have prize games, like Pass the Parcel, then you need to ensure every child receives something to avoid tears -- at this age, they don't understand rules too well! They'll love to make a noise, so blowers and horns will create great excitement. Outdoors, a bouncy castle may work well, but will need a large garden space and plenty of supervision. In warm weather, a paddling pool and garden toys will create all the fun that's needed, but, again, spot-on supervision is needed (and plenty of shade from the sun).

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    have games like dance or find the most elmos in the house . Or even try to have them color a elmo coloring sheet , best elmo coustume. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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