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Why are there so many more horror movies coming out, than other types?

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    It's a way of desensitizing society to blood & gore. Yet we still aren't allowed to see body bags coming home from overseas & the media still perceives us as being casualty shy. I personally think horror movies are a waste of brain cells, but a lot of people these days would rather watch these types of movies rather than having to think about plots, symbolism, foreshadowing, and other such things in good movies. We've already shied away from reading books that have those things in them!

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    haha, you dont sound like a horror fan. Well there are lots of movies of that genre cuz the psychology of fear sells itself as people[most] love the thrills of the creep and rush[cuz its not happening to them, haha].

    Furthermore, its cheap to produce as it dont have big stars and thats why even some new-first-time directors start their career in horror.

    But there is always good horror and bad ones too and it all depends on good storytelling[setups to tension], timing[editing] and believadbility.

    Most of the productions are just copycats and lame sequels to the earlier successes [which are annoying to watch].

    Horror movies have built in young demographic audience who love them eventhough the quality of the genre is dropping. The future of unique and terrifying horror movies will come from Asia such as Japan, Korea and Thailand and Hollywood will make a watered-down remakes of it for the rest of the world to watch.


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    I find that statement untrue. Currently there are just a few horror movies out compared to a wide variety of others. This Friday in my area there is no horror movies playing but a wide variety of others.

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    Because, unfortunately, most Americans would rather waste their times with mindless horror movies, instead of well written, intelligent ones.

    Sad, but true.

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    i dont know on wikipedia i saw the list of 2007 movies going to come out most of them are horror movies people are stupid but there really scary and stupid.so i don t know.

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    they do surveys to see what people want to see more of and since it's mostly teens/young adults who go to the movies, it's normally horror that is voted highest for..

    I'd like to see some really nice love movies....maybe even in black and white...

    I'm only 19 so I'm not sure why, I guess I just want to experience what my grandparents did...

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    because people get bored with certain genres, so trends are created. As a films of a certain genre increase in number, writers and directors continously try to improve on the genre. This compounds things more.

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    Because thst;s the thing now, for some reason people are starting to love getting the baheperes scared out of them.

    either that or people love carnage and blood instead of being scared.

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    a. They're cheap to make. Don't have to pay big stars.

    b. Don't have to have a great script

    c. Almost guaranteed return for the studios. And if it does do well, same applies for their sequels.

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    Because violence sells just like sex does. Why do you think there were millions of hits on the sites that showed the hanging. This is what we have become. Sort of sad isn't it.

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