Why Are Americans Obsessed With Stereotypes???

I've traveled all around the world and met many people of different races as well as culture. Whenever I come to America I'm bombarded with stereotypes about race, religion, and culture. This is the only country that seems so obsessed with stereotypes. There could be a person that has never eaten with an asian family and instantly believes they eat cat. What is wrong with you people? I realized that it was your television that sends you with nothing but useless information on celebrities, slutty girls, and racial/cultural stereotypes. Most of you not knowing a person, culture or race you instantly assume things about them. I don't understand your reasoning, could you please explain it? Thank you.

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    Yes it's true. Most of them are really obsessed with stereotypes. They may deny but that's the truth

    Have you ever heard of "South American race"? Mexican race?

    Welcome to "America"!

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    I dont feel that just Americans are obsessed with stereotypes, im sure it exists everywhere. I feel that it is perhaps more emphasized in American culture because of hollywood movies, TV shows, etc. Also in American and Canada as well (i live in canada but i was born in Korea) there are so many cultures mixed together and we do not know everything about one culture or race. So when we get a chance to learn a bit about one culture or race we think the whole culture or the whole race, or that family or that person is always and all like what you have experienced. Its like first impression where when u see someone once and they are dressed dirty and that just leaves an image in your head. Also stereotypes are often used as humor on TV and in media. like who doesnt know that "blond-dumb-cheerleader" stereotype, or "coke-bottle-glasses-computer-nerd" or "hot-football-player" We know stereotypes are bad and the offend that certain group but really there are some people who are nice enough to accept u as a person, not judge you and classify you as a sterotype. Lets hope that number grows!

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    Wow, that's a nonsensical question.

    I don't know in which world you traveled but on Earth I haven't seen a huge difference in an obsession with stereotypes. I'm sure there are DIFFERENT stereotypes held by different people around the world but I don't think you can say Americans are obsessed by stereotypes more so than Japanese, Russians, Chinese, South Africans, Mexican, Scottish, English, Iranians, Canadians, etc.

    If Americans are such horrible people I think every country in the world should refuse to take any more of America's money or military aid. NATO can handle itself very nicely with just European money. And every person in the world should refuse to step foot in the USA. They can stay where they are, blissfully happy that they are not subjected to those damn Americans obsessed with stereotypes.

    Now, do you realize that your question and the answers it inspired are full of stereotypes about Americans? Ah, I guess they don't count.

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    It's funny that you're talking about sterotypes and here you are portraying one: referring to "Americans" as sterotypical when you haven't met them all. I agree that there are people who rely on appearance and general preconceived ideas about different cultures, etc., but don't put all of us in the same boat. That's not fair. If you noticed anything about America you'd see that you'll find nice people, mean people, open people, closed-minded people in all one place, sometimes in the same room. Being in a cultural/racial/religious melting pot that can happen sometimes. I also understand that Americans have been misrepresented at times and other cultures sometimes come up with their own expectations and sterotypes if/when they come here. This world is a big place, and there are some good people everywhere. I can't speak for the media images that are shown to be what one should expect of America or Americans, except to say that those images do NOT reflect Americans in general, certaintly not me. And I apologize for the negative portrayals of Americans you may have experienced. But don't give up on all of us. There are some nice ones here, too.

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    I think you answered your own question when you said that the media only gives us racial and cultural stereotypes.

    it's this add with the fact that America is still largely segregated. People live in their own communities with few deep interactions with each other. Many Americans don't have the chance to learn that people are people.

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    There you go, doing the very thing you're complaining about, you're stereotyping yourself and you don't even realize it. I don't make judgments of people unless I know them personally, perhaps you should do the same instead of generalizing a whole country into one group.

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    People have a tendency to want to categorize things, it gives them comfort.

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    They watch too much television instead of getting off thier fat buts and enjoy life

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