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Anyone know prices of Guild guitars?

Im looking at a new Guild Guitar model D55. Its the one that Johnny R from the Goo Goo Dolls uses, and I cant seem to find the price of the guiar. So can anyone help me? Plus if you know of any guitars that are like that one, can anyone give me names and all that.

Thank you.

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    Guild D55 Dreadnaught (Acoustic) Guitars

    Natural Finish = $2,024.95

    Antique Burst Finish = $2,024.95

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    One of my first acoustics was a Guild, built in Rhode Island.

    Although Fender now owns the company I remain impressed with Guild quality and wouldn't think twice about buying another one if it suited me.

    Guilds have a voice all their own and really can't be compared to other instruments in the price range. When looking at this kind of guitar you shouldn't look at name, rather you should find your own sound.

    Source(s): I build guitars for a living
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    I have no idea but im guessing about 2-3 thousand.I have a Guild guitar.I think its a 1979 12 string acoustic.I never play it though because it's a 12 string and I can barely play a 6 string.

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    i'm not so familiar with Guild guitars...but Fenders and Gibsons are great! i have a fender startocaster and it's perfect!

    Fenders: stratocaster, telecaster.

    Gibsons: Les Paul, SG.

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    thatll run you about 2000-3000 dollars depending where you buy it from, ive tested one, it doesnt suit me, try a martin, great sound, and around the price of a guild d55, hope this helps

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    The D55 model is going for $2174.99.

    Source(s): Musician's Buy
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