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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

Ethiopia Facts?

Who can tell me some facts about ethiopia ? how is life there, he economy, the government, foreign relations, and ETHIOPIA vs. SOMALIA facts..i really want to know more of what's happening in africa.

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    To add on what Gilly M, said..

    Ethiopia has its own national food, many languages that are known to be more than 70 in the country, different cultural clothing,has endamic birds & animals,nice climate, highest of 28 degree C. & lowest of 18. The slogan of Ethiopia is "13 months of sunshine".

    Life,I have to say is not that hectic. People usulally find time to socialize & ofcourse drink one of the best coffee that Ethiopia can offer to the world.

    The average people here,Ethiopia live in less than a dollar a day.Ethiopia also has a good foreign relation with countries such as China, USA etc. It is ,nowadays common to see the chinese in the ring road construction etc.

    Oh and something that seems to amaze lots of people, we have a different calendar. We are still on 1999. Not yet millenium. Cant wait for it.

    Source(s): By the way, it is Ethiopian Orthodox christmas today. So let me say Merry christams. Or as we say it here in Amharic,The official language of Ethiopia,"Melakam Gena". same as merry xmas.
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    Ethiopia, is a landlocked country situated in the Horn of Africa (landlocked as of May 24, 1993). It is the third-most populous nation in Africa, bordered by Eritrea to the north, Djibouti to the northeast, Somalia to the southeast, Kenya to the south, and Sudan to the west. Ethiopia is the only country in Africa with an unbroken sovereignty and is one of the oldest continuous nations in the world. Recently being regarded as "the cradle of mankind", Ethiopia is also the second-oldest official Christian nation in the world, after Armenia. It has long been an intersection between the civilizations of North Africa, the Middle East and the rest of Africa. Unique among native-founded (unlike Liberia) African countries, Ethiopia was never colonised, maintaining its sovereignty throughout the Scramble for Africa. In addition, Ethiopia has long been a member of international organisations: it became a member of the League of Nations, signed the Declaration by United Nations in 1942, founded the UN headquarters in Africa, was one of the fifty-one original members of the United Nations, and is the headquarters for and the main founder of the former Organisation of African Unity and current African Union.

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