High school level home school programs?

where is the best places offered on the Internet for High School academic programs that are not christian in base

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    Completing High School Independently

    Below is a checklist to help you get started homeschooling your high school student. If you are brand-new to homeschooling, please read about the basics of getting started first.

    * Create a list of objectives (see a sample objective) for the year. These include topics and activities that you will do as required to graduate (see your state's laws).

    * Follow your objectives closely. Have your student keep good records in a logbook and create a portfolio of their best work. The portfolio should include self-tests taken, samples of math problems and science experiments they have done, artwork, writings, etc. The logbook should be consise. It is used to document daily activities and other things that the portfolio does not cover such as field trips, reading a book, watching an educational video, etc.

    * At the end of the year get together with a certified teacher and have them go over your student's logbook and portfolio. Either you (the parent) or the certified teacher may create a transcript showing that the student has completed the requirements to graduate. This is important if your student plans on going to college (read The Homeschooler's Guide to Portfolios and Transcripts). Many homeschool students can obtain an official diploma and official credits for their work by going through a private/public school program such as North Atlantic Regional Schools. If your student is thinking about going to college, read our advice on this topic.

    Sample Objectives For a Highschool Student

    John Smith

    Homeschooling Objectives 2002-2003

    September 1, 2002 - June 30, 2003

    English (Language, literature, speech and composition)

    John will:

    * read a variety of literature.

    * keep a list of the books read.

    * work with a tutor to improve his writing skills as he writes 5 book reports.


    John will:

    * complete Bob Jones physics course over the year.


    John will:

    * complete Saxon Advanced Mathematics book over the year.


    John will:

    * complete Bob Jones American Government course over the year.

    * visit the Washington D.C. legislature.


    John will:

    * continue to produce computer-generated art as desired.


    John will:

    * continue to play guitar with the church worship team.

    * listen to music with the family.

    * attend at least one musical theatrical production.

    Physical Education

    John will:

    * continue to play indoor and outdoor soccer and go bike riding.


    John will:

    * research and write a report on substance abuse among teenagers.


    John will:

    * practice nutrition principles with weekly meal preparation for the family.

    * participate in family discussion regarding healthy living.


    John will:

    * finish the Mapping The World by Heart (lite) course.


    John will:

    * complete the Rosetta Stone online Spanish course.


    You can also look into online high schools, or transfer to a public high school (It's not that bad, really. A challenge, but most kids really need that)

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    The program, American School (seriously that is the name and seriously they are not a fly by night place, they've been in business since1897 despite the terrible name ;) ), I use is not on the Internet but uses regular mail. It is excellent academically and you get texts back, from real teachers that grade them, fairly quickly.

    I struggled to to find a homeschooling program that had no religious connection. And American School doesn't. Actually it's pretty much like a regular school except you work from home and send in your work. They give you text books and work books. They're accredited and after going through a few bad homeschooling programs myself, they're such a relief to find. Hope this helps! ;)

    Source(s): http://www.homeschool.com/resources/AmericanSchool... American School 2200 E. 170th St. Lansing, IL 60438-6001 USA
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    Gets real hard to find any as kids get to 10th grade. As teenagers, they are fighting so bad with the parent trying to teach them that, at this point, they are sent to public school. Wish you luck in finding something though.

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    BJU www.bjup.com

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