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    I am a United States citizen and I was born in there. However, my parent’s work post away to Taiwan, therefore, I grew up in Taiwan. I studied at elementary and secondary school in Taiwan, but when I was grade ten, I back to United States.


    My English is not very well because of the environment in Taiwan where English does not be use a lot. As a result, it is not easy for me to catch up the schedule of course, such as history, geography and math.


    Comparing with Taiwan and United States, I like both with different reasons. There is big and clear environment and the air is fresh in United States. In addition, there are many schools to choose which could make a good education and there are many opportunities of jobs which is easy to develop one’s career.


    Although Taiwan is smaller, there is short distance between neighbors and me and it is convenience to buy things. Also, I have many relatives and friends in Taiwan. That’s why I like both of them.


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    yup! i agree with mel! you should try yourself : ) the way... I proofread this article but I suggest you to do it again...=  =

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    i forgot to say it.. sorry

    i used United States instead of America because in my school in Canada, we always say United States.

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    ’ = 鍵盤上enter左邊的鍵 單邊引號 縮寫用的 (不知道為什麼知識 不讓我們打出來)

    同時我發現了有錯誤 順便改一下=   =

    first one: my parent's work 我家長的工作

       parent's <wrong..

       parents' <right

    second one: one's career 某人的職業

    third one: That's why I like 這就是為什麼我喜歡

       that's = that is

    Source(s): 自己所學的, text book
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    How about try it by yourslft?

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