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關於誠品和敦煌書局的介紹 中翻英 英文翻譯























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    1.The Cheng article book company is known to all in Taiwan, it gives the person the high class of brand image.

    2.The sincere product not only offers the space that consumers read but also combined the function of amusement; For example: Music seeing and hearing service.

    3.The sincere product has offered broad consumption to consumers and read the space .

    4.The sincere product is adopted the consumption of the up-market high price.

    5.The sincere product must still substantiate the services of the amusement and shopping than the department store.

    6.The sincere product lie in the department store or the urban area more, there are more crowd.

    7.Consumers at present accept degree and increase the import books.

    8.The department store has offered the function of consuming and amusement too, threaten the operation of the sincere product bookstore.

    9.Other advanced bookstores may substitute the sincere product bookstore; For example: Hall bookstore of metal and stone.

    10.Consumers may go to sample sincerely, but perhaps will not consume, because the sincere product goods fix the price too high.

    1.The book of book company in Dunhuang greatly parts of list prices are all lower than the Cheng article.

    2.The educational books of Dunhuang plant many sincere products of simulation.

    3.The bookstore of Dunhuang has not offered the services of amusement, recreation, etc.

    4.The consumption clan office of the bookstore of Dunhuang is student or educational personnel mostly.

    5.The whole sincere product of a kind of simulation of books in Dunhuang is also wanted few.

    6.The bookstores of Dunhuang mostly lie in the campus or near the school, student's consumption chance increases.

    7.Students order the teaching books in a large amount.

    8.The book company of the high class provided more more than Dunhuang services, for example:Music, images and sounds etc..

    9.The network bookstore / the shop may substitute the bookstore of Dunhuang .

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  • 1 decade ago


    1. Elite Books Store is well-known to people in Taiwan and gives a

    high-class brand image.

    2. Elite Books Store provides not only a comfortable reading space but

    also combines function of entertainments, for example: music, audio

    & video service.

    3. Elite Books Store offers extensive consuming and reading

    environment for consumers.

    4. Elite Books Store adopts luxurious and high-price sales strategy.

    5. Compared with department stores, Elite Books Store still needs to

    enhance both entertainment and shopping services.

    6. Elite Books Store is mostly located in department store or downtown

    where is filled with crowds.

    7. Nowadays, consumers increasingly accept the imported books.

    8. Department Stores also furnish with consuming and entertaining

    functionalities that are threatening the operation of Elite Books Store.

    9. Some high-class bookstores can possibly substitute for Elite Books

    Store, for example: Kingstone Books Store.

    10. Consumers can probably go to Elite Books Store but not sure for

    purchasing goods/books due to its high pricing level.


    1. Caves Books Store&rsquo;s price setting is oppositely lower than Elite

    Books Store.

    2. Caves Books Store possesses more kinds of educational books than

    Elite Books Store.

    3. Caves Books Store does not offer the services such as entertainment,

    leisure activity and so forth.

    4. Most of consumers of Caves Books Store are students or teachers.

    5. Overall, Caves Books Store has less kinds of books than Elite Books


    6. Caves Books Store is mostly located in campus or nearby school to

    increase purchasing opportunity from students.

    7. Students order a huge amount of educational books.

    8. The high-class bookstores provide more services than Caves Books

    Store, for example: music, video & audio, etc.

    9. Online bookstores/shops can possibly substitute for Caves Books


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