Christian Colleges??

Do you know of a good Christian College with Art History &/or Language Programs... possibly with a study abroad...

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    1 decade ago
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    I believe the Brigham Young University in Utah is one of the best Christian Colleges there is out there. They have three different campuses in Idaho, Utah, and Hawaii. I believe the Utah one is the best in the nation, and the Hawaii one is best in the Western region. The utah campus is ranked, I believe, number 70 on the website. The campus also has one of the largest underground libraries, even larger if compared to Harvard. The campus itself is very nice, and it open to anyone. The university has all the programs you asked for, and should be a pretty good match for anyone. The most important thing is that no one smokes on campus or drinks any time of alcohol. It's very clean.

  • Ranto
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    1 decade ago

    The best Christian colleges are:

    1. Notre Dame

    2. Boston College

    3. Georgetown University

    4. Villanova University

    5. College of the Holy Cross

    They all have excellent art history and language programs.

    If you aren't interested in Catholic universities -- then you need to take a big drop in academice quality -- though Southern Methodist University isn't as far a drop as the fundamentalist schools.

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    4 years ago

    there are maximum of issues incorrect with this question it somewhat isn't any longer common to appreciate the place to initiate. How do you realize who on your graduating classification grew to become into Christian? what proportion Christians have been there interior the incoming classification once you first started college (and how did you realize this)? Is there something approximately your college that would tend make it greater probably to attraction to or repel Christians than different faculties? How representative is your college in terms of proportion of Christians interior the graduating classification? Does the proportion of Christians interior the graduating classification variety or has then been some style of decline commonly used?

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    Georgetown University in Washington D.C. is an excellent Christian School that offers a wide variety of academic programs. I know someone that goes there and he's very pleased with his decision and they also provided him with plenty of grants and scholarships.

    And there is also Chapman University which offers liberal arts studies.

    I know a couple of people who attend Loyola Marymount University but they are not at all pleased and I read their priorities change all the time which leaves the students to suffer, both financially and academically.

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    1 decade ago

    When you mean "Christian Colleges" are you including Catholic among that list. If you are I would tell you to look at either the University of Notre Dame or Boston College If you just mean protestant schools only then I would suggest Abilene Christian University or Indiana Wesleyan University The best Mormon school in the country is BYU

    Good Luck!!!

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