iam looking for a county jail in indiana called st josph county jail?

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    You will find the jail division through the sheriff's office. Here is the contact information. Usually, all you have to do is call and ask in which jail your person is being held.

    County Sheriff: Frank Canarecci

    Address: 401W. Sample Street, South Bend, Indiana 46601

    Phone: (574) 245-6500

    Fax: (574) 245-6574

    Here is the official statement about the Sheriff's Jail Division:

    "The jail division houses adults that are arrested in St. Joseph County. We house females, males and even juveniles that have been waived to the adult legal system. The new jail opened its doors on July 1, 2001 with a population of 309 inmates and since then we have more than doubled our inmate population. In 2004 our average daily population was 582, and we have reached over 700. The jail houses local inmates as well as inmates from both the Department of Corrections and the Federal system. In 2004 the jail booked 11,306 inmates and released 10,952. The daily average number of bookings were 31 with 30 daily releases and these numbers are increasing already this year.

    The jail has 24 hour medical care on site and dental care is provided on a weekly basis as needed. The Madison Center is also available at the jail 7 days to tend to the special needs of the inmates.

    There are religious programs, treatment programs as well as educational programs for those who qualify.

    The inmates may order commissary once a week and there is a library to supply books to them for leisure reading.

    Goal: The jail strives to humanely and safely house all those people incarcerated in St. Joseph County while they are processed through the criminal justice system. We promote the inmates getting involved in religious programs as well as educational and treatment programs to help better prepare them for release.

    The jail is a civilian run facility with 108 employees. The employees assignments cover a wide range of duties that vary from the shift assigned rank positions including Lieutenants and Sergeants to many specialty fields. Some of the specialty fields include our K-9 Billy and his handler (Billy is assigned to the jail and also assists with road patrol calls and school searches), a Property Room Deputy, Commissary Deputy, Programs Director, Classification Department with 1 Sergeant and two Deputies, an Inmate Cleaning Crew Deputy, Conduct Adjustment Board Sergeant (who is also the Detention Response Team Commander) and an Evidence Room Deputy.

    Mission Statement: To provide a safe, secure and humane facility for all inmates and staff in accordance with the accepted standards of jail management."

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    I liver near there, what about it? It's in South Bend.

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