Health Care information technology?

I'm writing a research paper on this type of technology and I'm consentrating on websites such as webMD and the fact that patients can store their medical records in these webs and share them with their phisicians.

The paper has to be about info-tech so I was wondering if and how I should formulate it because I also want to include some info on TouchWorks and Allscrips (other technologies used to improfe the sharing of information in healthcare).

If you have any suggestions it would be great. I do, after all, have to write my own paper, but it would help to get some ideas from the Yahoo community. It is after all the information age.

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    Healthcare information technology is at the center of a number of public and private sector efforts to improve healthcare quality, safety and efficiency. There are currently several high-profile bills before Congress regarding healthcare IT, as well as a number of policy changes on tap within the Bush administration. The Summit's slate of high-level speakers reflects the heat and light now directed at healthcare IT. Source:

    Helpful | Not Helpful feedback submitted GTSI Corp., a Chantilly-based business-to-government marketer of information technology solutions has received a "Notice to Proceed" on the MMAD-1 (Maxi-Minis and Databases) contract from the U.S. Army Communications and Electronic Command (CECOM). The contract will deliver leading-edge Compaq Alpha UNIX workstations and servers, Cisco and 3Com networking products and a wide range of technical services delivered by GTSI and subcontractors. MMAD-1 is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract with a two-year base period with three one-year options for a total of five years. GTSI's award value was $857 million. (Press release 03/30/01) Source:

    Helpful | Not Helpful feedback submitted The National Institute for Standards and Technology will work to add electronic health standards to a new series of Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). NIST officials will ... incorporate certified electronic health record (EHR) systems developed under contract proposals released today by the Department of Health and Human Services Source:

    Helpful | Not Helpful feedback submitted American Management Systems, a Fairfax-based information technology consulting firm, has formed a strategic alliance with San Francisco-based Epicentric Inc., an Internet portal platform provider. AMS has adopted Epicentric's E-Business Network Solutions to offer its federal clients an Internet-based enterprise portal that will allow agencies to unify complex IT environments and disparate applications. (PR Newswire, 04/03/01) Source:

    Helpful | Not Helpful feedback submitted Reproduction of this text is encouraged; ... copies may not be sold, and the NLECTC Law Enforcement & Corrections Technology News Summary should be cited as the source of the information. Copyright 2003, Information Inc., Bethesda, MD. Source:

    Helpful | Not Helpful feedback submitted RFIDs, like other technology, can be misused, Stoddart says. If it is used to track people or if it transmits personal information, those practices would come under

  • For better, simpler, and easier organization of health information records, the company is offering EMR-Charts, a cloud-based document management system.

    Another data management technology developed by the company is Virtual Scribe. It is a dictation software that allows practices to input electronic health records using only their voice.

    The Virtual RN Triage, on the other hand, is an elaborate system designed by MPAA’s experts to help physicians improve patient profiling and consequently enhance their healthcare services. This system is actually composed of registered nurses who can call patients from a remote location as practices focus more on improving their services. The nurses are also the ones who will encode patient data into a practice’s EHR system.

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