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if bruce lee was alive today who aill win if he and jackie chan fought who will win?

who will you pick to win jackie chan or bruce lee if bruce lee was alive if they fought

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    Bruce Lee, probably 9 times out of 10 (accounting for the "punchers chance").

    Jackie Chan openly admits that his training at the Peking Opera School and training later in life was solely for the sake of his performance career. While he understands the principles of fighting, and could probably take care of himself in a dire situation, he knows he is not a professional martial artist or fighter.

    That is why Jackie Chan has relied on several VERY skilled bodyguards, including Muay Thai Kickboxing expert and 7-time free-fighting champion Kenneth Low, to ensure his safety. Hanging out with the entire Sing Ga Ban (Jackie Chan Stunt Team) ensures his safety. They're all tough characters.

    Bruce Lee was a fighter first, and an actor second. He studied martial arts and combat arts for years, and developed his own mixed fighting style that included many "street" techniques. He competed and excelled in many tournaments, and has had many esteemed students. By and large, many fighters and martial artists feel he was an exceptional fighter that few (if any) could best in hand-to-hand combat, during his peak.

    That's not to say it couldn't go either way. Fighting is, at best, controlled chaos. Everyone always the "punchers chance" of winning a fight. Heck, Bolo Yueng could appear out of thin air and crush both of them. Crazy stuff happens during fights.

    As background, I do have over a decade of martial arts and fighting / self-defense experience, have been a long-time fan of competition fighting (judo, wrestling, boxing, pancration, muay thai, karate, etc.), and hold no affiliation to either Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee.

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    in a straight martial arts fight bruce lee but in a comedy jackie i dont think you should compare them though as jackie does a comic routine with martial arts as bruce lee is just gonna kick your *** with no comedy i think you should think about bruce lee vs jet li now that would be awsomeness

    to the only be in a movie bruce lee and chuck norris fought and chuck lost sorry he would lose

    jsg_sher uhh bruce lee was an actor too and jackie does have a black belt and is a world renown martial artists he just likes to put comedy in his martial arts

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    I would say Bruce Lee won whop Jackie Chan's azz.

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    Bruce Lee with a blindfold on and an arm tied behind his back

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    Definitely Bruce Lee! I hope that answers your question.

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    bruce lee

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    jackie chan because he would make the amazing and timeless bruce lee laugh hysterically rendering bruce unable to defend himself......he might even laugh himself into unconsciousness ;-)

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    bruce lee without a doubt.

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  • Bruce ( Kato ) Lee was hilarious....he would win either..

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