What has Hilary Clinton done?

What has she accomplished in her political life incuding as First Lady. Do you think she'll make a good president? Why/Why not? What does she intend to do about Iraq?


So practically none of you have any idea what she's done, and you're all, like Ryan said, "talking out of your as.s"?

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    After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Senator Clinton worked with her colleagues to secure the funds New York needed to rebuild. She fought to provide compensation to the families of the victims, grants for hard-hit businesses, and health care for front line workers at Ground Zero. She continues to work for resources that enable New York to grow, to improve homeland security for New York and other communities, and to protect all Americans from future attacks. She has introduced legislation to provide for direct and threat-based homeland security funding to ensure that first responders and high-target communities have the resources they need.

    As First Lady, her public involvement with many activities sometimes led to controversy. Undeterred by critics, Hillary won many admirers for her staunch support for women around the world and her commitment to children's issues.

    Hillary's leadership as First Lady was recognized by the many awards she received, including: the Elie Wiesel Foundation Humanitarian Award; Martin Luther King Jr. Award, Progressive National Baptist Convention; Family Circle Woman Who Makes a Difference Lifetime Achievement Award; National Federation of Black Women Business Owners, Black Women of Courage Award; National Association of Elementary School Principals Distinguished Service Award; Save the Children Distinguished Service Award, The National Council for Adoption, "For advocacy on behalf of adoption"; Henrietta Szold Award, Hadassah; and the Irish American Peace Prize, by Irish American Democrats.

    Since being elected to the Senate, her awards for public service include: The Secretary of Defense Medal for Outstanding Public Service, United States Department of Defense; President’s Award, League of United Latin American Citizens; Senator of the Year, National Multiple Sclerosis Society; The Military Order of the Purple Heart Inspirational Leadership Award, in recognition of her initiative and perseverance in assisting the Military Order of the Purple Heart; National Hispanic Medical Association, for leadership in improving the health of Hispanics; Woman of Steel, Role Model of the Year, United Steel Workers of America; the 2004 Women in Politics Award, The National Hispana Leadership Institute; International Women’s Philanthropy Award by the Lion of Judah Conference, of Combined Jewish Philanthropies; the Cesar E. Chavez Award of the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation; and the Distinguished Bridge Builder Award, Leon H. Sullivan Foundation.


    i do think she would make a good president, but i doubt America is ready to elect a female president.

  • Anonymous
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    Hillary has accomplished many things including: A law degree from Yale Law School, 2 terms as a United States Senator, the first woman to ever serve on The Armed Services committee, raised a brilliant daughter, and shown her strength by surviving public airing of a very private pain, not to mention the unfounded legal attacks perpetuated on her by the Republicans. I would say that is quite a lot for someone to accomplish, and that's just a tiny fraction of her accomplishments.

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    She hasn't done anything of any importance that I can think of. She's on both sides of the fence, and tries her hardest to be everything to everyone. No one really knows what she'd do about Iraq, because as we all know, she voted for the war, but she really doesn't support it. Scary.

    Oh, and hey, I don't generalize people. The guy gave a bogus link as proof, and I called him on it. If you've got a problem with it then have the stones to email me in a spirited debate. Instead of addressing me like a wuss on your answers.

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    One thing is for certain .. If Hitlary EVER did become President, Mexico would have the illegal immigration problem, not us.

    What has she done in her public life .. Well lets see .. STOLE the silverware and silver serving pieces from the White House. STOLE the china and dinnerware from the White House.... She put together the all new national health care plan (oh wait, that was millions and millions of waisted dollars with NO result). ... give me a few minutes .. I'm sure I can come up with something useful that she has done.

    ... Darn .. My mind is blank.

    She did make that famous speach "What do you want me to do, go home and bake cookies?"

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  • 3 years ago

    In 1993, as first lady, she tried to socialise medicine in the U. S....whether we mandatory it or not. She blamed "the massive surprising wing" for telling the certainty approximately bill Clinton's affair with an intern. whilst the certainty got here out, she by no ability corrected the checklist. She looks to lie whilst it fits her, excessively padding her resume. particularly, she has not been in public provider for 35 years, she replaced into not the co-president for the time of bill Clinton's presidency. inspite of that, she in easy terms accepts the stable issues that exceeded off decrease than bill Clinton, and distances herself from regulations that failed.

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    I don't know much about her, so unlike 95% of the people who will respond to this, I'm not going to speculate and talk out of my a.ss.

    I will say I find her public persona a little abrasive for my taste and I can see why people might make the assumption that she is ****** even though it's not really fair.

    I'm not sure I'd vote for her. I get the impression she will just tell me what I want to hear to get elected. I'd much rather have Edwards than her.

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    Senator Hillary Clinton,

    Hey if you would like the facts check out her web site...

    Cannot put down a lady that likes to live, and succeed in life.

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    The only thing I can see that Hillary Clinton has done besides run her mouth is live with Bill Clinton and take public humiliation with her dignity intact.

  • Bill G
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    Become a senator from New York.

  • 3 years ago

    Well, she has pulled a lot of wool over a lot of eyes.

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